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    Re: Angel Society Scam??


    You're correct, no MICHELLE Chalons in the States; however, there is a MICHELE Chalon as follows (I am listing this info here because it is freely available on the Internet on the site, www.zabasearch.com):

    MICHEL CHALON Born 1964 More Information on MICHEL CHALON
    366 VAN BUREN ST Map It Recorded: 01/01/2006 MICHEL CHALON business listings Check Yellow Pages
    MONTEREY, CA 93940 County (831) 646-5422 Leave a message for MICHEL CHALON

    What's more, I did a search on business entities in NV, and Michele Chalon is the president, secretary, AND treasury of the Pro Globus USA Inc company. If you're interested, this is what I found:

    Business Entity Information
    Status: Revoked on 12/1/2002 File Date: 11/14/1996
    Type: Domestic Corporation Corp Number: C23536-1996
    Qualifying State: NV List of Officers Due: 11/30/2001
    Managed By: Expiration Date:

    Resident Agent Information
    Address 2: STE 202 City: CARSON CITY
    State: NV Zip Code: 89701
    Phone: Fax:
    Email: Mailing Address 1:
    Mailing Address 2: Mailing City:
    Mailing State: Mailing Zip Code:

    Please note that the business license was revoked on 12/1/2002. People incorporate in Nevada all the time because of that state's incorporation laws. Those who incorporate in NV, I think, do not require a residential address in NV, just a proclaimed business address. Also, not to say that Angel Society, and Michele Chanon (as opposed to Michelle Chanon) have anything at all to do with each other. It is just interesting to me that there is other history out there on the only other Michele-ish Chalon in the nation...

    Thanks for the lively discussion! I, too, received the same letter yesterday as y'all did previously. Didn't send her any money, and certainly won't now thanks to your posts. If she wants to do this, fine, just tell people up front what they are paying for!

    Hasta lasagna...

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    Re: Angel Society Scam??


    One more comment about "The Angel Society, Inc."...per my last post, you may have deduced that there is no such thing as that incorporated entity. I would have pulled it up in my business entity search if there had been one. I did a search on the full name, and then partial names, no results. No such legal corporation in NV as The Angel Society, Inc.

    So, always check your public records before letting go of your hard-earned money. Pretty easy to find these resources, most states have piles of public records available for research online now. You can plug into the Google search bar something like...NV public records search...or NV business records. Can do the same with any state or state abbreviation. Also, I've found zabasearch.com to be an invaluable research tool.

    Take care,

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    Re: Angel Society Scam??

    My name is Jill LaRose and I am the founder of a non profit, Angel Society, Inc. located in Peoria, Arizona. I have received many, many phone calls in regards to this letter. I am sorry to say that I know nothing about the other "Angel Society" in Las Vegas. I can tell you that we are real. We are a child welfare agency for abused and neglected children. I started this company 8 1/2 years ago and am looking into this myself. If anyone has any questions, please feel to contact me directly at 602-315-4798. This is truly giving us a bad name.

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    Re: Angel Society Scam??

    I received a letter today asking for 25 dollars for personal assistance from Michelle Chalon with The Angel Society. I am so glad someone started a note about this as I might of been inclined to send 25 dollars to this and now know it is a scam for a psycic to make money. Thanks to all who have added their notes too. It has saved me from making a stupid mistake. :)

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    Re: Angel Society Scam??

    Re: The Angel Society

    Fyi: Founder Michelle Chalon Claims To Be A Clairvoyant And Angel Communicator And Wants To Sell Info Through Astrology, Tarot Cards, Mumerology, Telepathy Etc.

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    Re: Angel Society Scam??

    I Just received yesterday the same letter...thank you all for your input on this issue. My feeling is that it all leads to an identity theft scam in progress. They are just trying to fill in the blanks to finalize their crime. Let us all be aware and take the necessary precausions to prevent the crime from happening. Good luck all... ;)

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    Re: Angel Society Scam??

    Well, my husband received the letter in the mail today. I did some research and according to this guy http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/...Off0195838.htm
    he sent in the money to see what happened. They sent him a full tarot and astrological report and told him that they would get him in touch with his guardian angel.
    He was mad and asked for a refund. They apparently gave it to him.
    Who knows???

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    Re: Angel Society Scam??

    The BBB of Las Vegas NV, has had several complaints on this company.

    I too was scammed, it seems.
    I am sending a letter to the Consumer Affairs Division Office Of Las Vegas NV, and The Attorney General's office for that area.

    They need to investigate them.

    I suggest you do the same.


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    Re: Angel Society Scam??

    This is what I got from the BBB

    Reliability Report

    Prepared by: Better Business Bureau of Southern Nevada Date Issued: 3/27/2008
    The Bureau opened its file on this company: 09/08/2005

    General Information

    Company Name && Address: Telephone: 702) 000-1145
    Angel Society
    P.O. Box 3925 Website: nknown
    Las Vegas, NV 89127-3925 Status: Not a Member

    Original Business Start Date:
    Local Business Start Date: Business Classification:
    Type of Entity: Sole Proprietorship Financial Aid Services - Scholarships, Grants &

    BBB Customer Experience

    The Bureau has processed two or more customer complaints on this company within the last three years or
    since its inception of business, whichever is less. The company has responded to all complaints.

    Complaint History
    When considering complaint information, please take into account the companys size and volume of
    transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firms responses to them are often
    more important than the number of complaints.
    The Bureau processed a total of 11 complaints about this company in the last 36 months, our standard
    reporting period. Of the total (11) in 36 months, (1) was/were closed in the last year.
    Complaints concerned:

    1 - Selling Practices
    1 - Sales presentation used dishonest sales practices
    1 - Delivery Issues
    BBB Reliability Report on Angel Society
    Page 2 of 2
    1 - General Delivery Complaint Issues
    9 - Refund or Exchange Issues
    9 - General Refund or Exchange Complaint Issues
    The above complaints were closed as:
    10 - Resolved
    6 - Company resolved the complaint issues. The consumer acknowledged acceptance to the BBB.
    4 - Company resolved the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledged acceptance to the
    1 - Administratively Closed
    1 - BBB determined that despite the company's good faith effort to address complaint issues, the
    consumer remained dissatisfied.
    Licensing Information

    As of 8/7/06, the Bureau has been UNABLE to confirm this company has a valid local business license for
    the locale in which they operate. IF A CONSUMER DOES BUSINESS WITH AN UNLICENSED FIRM, THEY DO

    Additional Locations
    P.O. Box 3907 Las Vegas, NV 89127

    The information contained in this report has either been provided by the company or has been compiled by the Bureau
    from other sources believed to be reliable. BBB reports can not be reproduced for sales or promotional purposes.
    As a matter of policy, the Better Business Bureau does not endorse any product, service or company. BBB reports
    generally cover a three-year reporting period, and are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best
    judgment. Information contained in this report is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy. Reports are
    subject to change at any time.

    I pray this helps all that lost money on this scam.

    Attorney Generals Office of Las Vegas NV.
    C/O Grant Sawyer Bldg.
    555 E. Washington Ave. Ste. 3900
    Las Vegas, NV. 89101

    CSD of Las Vegas NV.
    1850 E. Sahara Ave. #101
    Las Vegas, NV. 89104
    Last edited by rgreenville8; 03-31-2008 at 12:43 PM. Reason: adding more info

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    Re: Angel Society Scam??

    :rotz:This is another twist to the Angel Society. It's called the Angel of Wealth Society. Today I received a letter from Divinity Rose supposedly known as the Magician, who receives regular contacts from Heavenly voices, telling me she had gotten a message from the Heavenly Angel of Wealth and Fortune, his name is Och. He has given her lucky dates and lucky numbers and she will send me the Heavenly Angel Fortune Parchment that announces these dates and numbers. And not for her usual fee of $100.00, but for a small donation of $21.00. How lucky can I be? Of course there is the usual guarantee to return my money (donation) if everything she says does not come true. There is actually a street address 10120 W. Flamingo Road, Ste 4 (here's the catch) PMB 301, Las Vegas NV 89147. I noticed on some of the posts the zip is 89127. She does request my date of birth, but not where I was born. Like most of you, I have received mail from Maria Duval showing an Everett Massachusetts return address. She does not exist, and all the other names they use are the same people perpetrating the scam. Don't believe the testimonials...pure bunk!!!:crazy1:

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    Re: Angel Society Scam??

    Quote Originally Posted by castlebroker View Post
    s, telling me she had gotten a message from the Heavenly Angel of Wealth and Fortune, his name is Och.
    "Och" is Swedish for "and" ... no other references I could find for this mythological character .... probably a separate scam, since it's been 2+ years since the last mention of the LA thingy.

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