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    Re: The Ultimate Conspiracy Post?

    Funny stuff!

    ....going to get in my black helicopter and fly away to get my microchip!

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    Re: The Ultimate Conspiracy Post?

    I guess I fail to see much humor here...I hope I don't have a warped sense of humor.

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    Re: The Ultimate Conspiracy Post?

    I think im going to pop some pop corn and sit back and read this from the start. lol
    what is it with people and their obsecion with the obscure and the "end of the world"?
    Why not enjoy life now and leave the enebitable to the future? Because by the time 6 years roll by you have wasted them worring about what if and whats gonig to happen when you could of been outside smelling the fresh air and enjoying life.

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    Re: The Ultimate Conspiracy Post?

    this is truly entertaining.

    just for undulgement purposes, why would anyone want to see through ur tv??? to see u looking back at them???? who is looking??? how do they incorporate this tech into tvs made in china, korea, japan, the US???

    the microchips already exist, but are made by private companies. they are used for password storage and they hope to become invovled in purchasing and credit card type transactions.

    black helicopters?? so what?? thats a good thing isnt it???

    metal strips in bills over 5$??? what good is that??? the only people with 100K of cash sitting in their house are drug dealers or other criminals.

    drop population to 2 billion in 8 years starting from 1992??? anyone who knows anything about human geography and population trends knows that is an absolute impossibility. especially since over 2 billion people live in china and india alone. the world population will be 8 billion by 2025.

    why do you need a supercomputer to record atm transactions when all you need to do is dial a 1800 number to visa/mastercard/amex/discover/local bank???? and why does it need to be in brussels????

    the electromagenetic fields to control weather??? that is one massive conspiracy requiring the cooperation of ALMOST EVERY NATION on earth. do you think russian scientists during the cold war would tolerate US control of the weather???? why did we have ridiculous hurricanes this year if they can control the weather??

    yes, elitists DO control newspapers, but they are just rich people, not conspirators. otherwise, we would not have known about watergate/abhu ghraib/mi lai/monica lewinsky.....

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    Re: The Ultimate Conspiracy Post?

    Big brother is watching...Mr. Orwell saw it coming and the technology is definitely in place. Here is an interesting write-up I found- this is disturbing if its true. I didn't write it, but it sounds like people who surely know their stuff did.

    Black Boxes and Marble Memorials
    Cable T. V. Snooping

    >An acquaintance who is involved with telecommunications recently told me >that the spooks have the ability to listen in ("two way interaction" is the >way he put it) through some kind of "black box" in our television
    >sets, via the cable hookups we invited into our homes. He went on to say
    >that a friend of his working through television repair school was advised
    >not to question the purpose of the black box in the set he was training
    >on. Furthermore, he said that several former college roomates now
    >specializing in telecommunications of various kinds WILL NOT allow the
    >cable into their homes for just that reason. Obviously, we are way past
    >George Orwell's wildest dreams as far as the spook-tech goes, so my
    >question is not so much "can they?" but "do they?" Is the black box
    >already there, in my tv, do you suppose? Is the cable set up to carry
    >reverse signals, and if so, who controls the plug at the other end? I
    >just thought you might know something about these things.

    First off, I can confirm this as a non-rumor, but as fact. In fact, this has
    been the case for over a dozen years. The 'cable-ready' set has had this
    ability since the term 'cable-ready' came to be.

    I worked on a joint project, between the power company, the phone company
    (Southwestern Bell), and the cable-tv company, over eleven years ago. We
    discussed the 'security options' that were available AT THAT TIME. (this
    subject had nothing to do with the joint project, but was just something that
    we tossed around for the six months that we were together -- I made sure that the conversation came up from time to time)

    The electric company had a small unit that would fit into a standard two-plug
    wall box that was basically an FM transmitter. This sent a signal out over the
    power lines that could be picked up anywhere that another power line went. In fact, it was one of the 'renegades' in that effort that joined with Radio Shack and started what we now call 'nursery monitors' -- you know, the things that you plug into the power line that sends a signal to 'any other power plug in the house.' Well, mom and dad, it is also sending that signal to EVERY OTHER power plug on the ENTIRE SYSTEM. They also had a small fish-eye that replaced the middle screw in the plug, which could send out a visual signal, but because of it's size and the quality of the FM signal, it was limited to motion detection. These options were currently in use in some companies in the US, and was marketed as a security feature in certain countries, mostly in Europe. It could not be sold in the US, because if everyone knew the potential of this device, they would revolt. (this comment came from the power company man, showing me that they were already aware of this attitude, and so were keeping the possibility quite on purpose)

    They (the power companies main holding company) were, at that time, working on a small computer-like interface that went in your power-meter, that would allow them to monitor power usage AND CHANGE POWER CONSUMPTION from a central point. This was needed in order to allow certain places to be un-effected by 'brownouts' we were told -- they could reduce the amount of electricity that homes used in order to keep 'higher priority' places at full power.

    Now for the cable company. This was frightening to us, even at the time. The
    cable company person would not speak to us openly about ANYTHING that he was going to tell us, but eventually even SHOWED US HOW SOME OF IT WORKED!!! We didn't see all of what he told us, but enough to believe what he was saying.

    First, all 'cable-ready' televisions have at least two components that are not
    needed for the television. First is an electronic eye, which we are told is to
    adjust the brightness, and second is the 'cable-ready' unit, most likely the
    thing that is being referred to as the black box.

    What you need to understand right off is that it is not necessary to have your
    television be ready to accept the cable signal. My circa-1979 non-cable-ready
    unit has no problem with cable reception (when we had it). All you need is
    that connector that the cable wire plugs into and you screw onto the back of
    the unit.

    Scary point one: the electronic eye is a two-way unit that is sending back a
    fairly high-quality picture of what is going on. The person telling us about
    this had actually seen some images from it, and described a level of clarity
    (remember, this is 1983-ish, so it is probably better now) that was
    frightening. (his rather crude example had something to do with counting the
    zits on your butt while 'doing the nasty' on the couch)

    Scary point two: the speaker is also two-way. (this is one thing that we saw --or should I say heard)

    Scary point three: both are active, even if the television is turned off. Some
    of them can even remain powered on (with the set unplugged) from the signal
    power coming in from the cable itself. The ONLY way to protect yourself is to
    remove all cable television from your house. Physically remove the connection
    to your house from outside, and remove the cable and other outside connections to your television. This is because...

    Scary point four: the signal from these cable-ready units that is sent out from
    your cable-ready television goes out through the antenna (sp?) connection, so even if you disconnect your cable connection to the house, the (then
    ungrounded) wire IN the house is transmitting a signal that can be picked up
    from some distance away. (this is another thing that we saw -- we actually
    went down the alley listening in on conversations going on in the houses we
    were passing) I don't know if the visual signal is also being transmitted, but
    I that the audio signal was going out bright and clear!

    There are also places in Europe where these services are (were being) offered
    on a commercial basis. The cable person made comments of agreement when the power-company person talked about people not accepting these things in the US, but said that nobody there had discussed these issues that openly.

    I'll let others answer the second question...

    >>were passing) I don't know if the visual signal is also being transmitted, but
    >>I that the audio signal was going out bright and clear!
    > I don't doubt that this is possible, but it would help us verify it if
    >you could provide a frequency. Given that, it would be a simple matter for
    >many of us to independently verify it.
    > Ever the skeptic...

    I don't doubt your skepticism, nor do I condemn it in the least. I just wish
    that I could provide you with the answer. All I know is that the unit that he
    was using was fairly standard issue, at least in that area.

    Part of what we were doing, in the joint project, was taking records from the
    three different organizations, and verifying their accuracy (part of a
    requirement from the Texas Public Utilities Commission (PUC), which had a
    person accompany us from time to time). We spent six months riding around in
    company trucks going from place to place, checking on the accuracy of the
    records for that place. Because of the requirements of the project, they used
    people who were 'techies' instead of just installers, repairmen, etc. Each of
    us were considered to be the experts in our fields. One week we'd be in an
    electric company truck, one week in a cable company truck or car, another week in my phone company car.

    The power company person showed us some of the FM transmitters at one of the companies while we were there, so I at least saw that piece of equipment. Now, the power company was not in the business of supplying the security for this company, they just had the listening devices installed that interfaces with someone else's unit on-site. The transmitters, he said, were turned down enough so that the signal didn't just go out over the entire electrical net.

    The cable company guy took us into one of the local cable company central
    sites, and programmed in some of the additional options (something that at the time he said not even the PUC knew about -- remember they were still not even talking about this much within their own ranks) for both the central unit and the cable-ready television that was in the break room there. Almost at once, we started to hear noises coming from the built-in speaker on the control unit that he was working on. Since nobody was in the break room at the time, he went in and started talking to us in a whisper. We couldn't hear everything he said, but we heard enough to know that it was really working.

    He made darn sure that he disabled everything and removed all of the options
    from the menus, etc, that he had added.


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    Re: The Ultimate Conspiracy Post?

    Getting back to listening in on the conversations in the houses. We were in
    the cable company truck while he was talking about this option. He pointed out some of the various units and repeaters (something that takes a signal and boosts it so that it can travel further) when he commented on the ungrounded cable becoming a radio antenna. I could see how that could work, but the power company person wanted something more than talk. So we went behind a rather large apartment complex. The cable person called in for a listing of registered users and services. These were compared with what was actually in use (at the central connection for the building), with the unauthorized services being disconnected (quite a lot of them, I might add). The cable person then went to the back of the truck and took out a pole that extended quite a ways (perhaps fifteen feet) with a dense antenna at the end. This got plugged into a box with a speaker. There was a lot of static and noise and stuff most of the time that the pole was being passed across the various connections, but every once in a while, there came through a very clear signal. Noises that were clearly from various parts of the apartment were being heard -- a baby crying that sounded fairly far away, like from another room, etc.

    We were then told that if the units were truly programmed properly, like was
    done at the central office, then each signal be heard a little better.
    Also, that if the unit was programmed properly, that there was some sort of way that they would be (in future tense) able to put them on separate frequencies, but at that time, it was not possible. This future time was awaiting the advent of fiber-optic cabling (then still mostly a theory).

    This person, knowing that we were both as technically knowledgeable as he/she was, WOULD NOT give out more details than that (notice that I have been trying to keep my descriptions as generic as possible), so I don't know anything more.

    I try to contact a cable company in one of the towns in Germany that I
    had lived in to see if they were aware of these things and could give me more
    details, but was never able to really make them understand what I was wanting (I don't speak German well enough, and they either did not understand English enough, or faked that they did not understand what I wanted).

    That's all that I can provide for now. I've called around here, and none of
    the cable people will give me an answer, and no matter who I call (service,
    cust reps, etc), I am transferred to some glibb, slick-tonged, public relations
    type who tells me that I'm not even in the same solar system as reality. Not
    even when I tried to fake it by saying that I was living here on a temp visa,
    and wanted the same security features that I had in Ramstein...


    <> Bill wrote:
    <> I spotted this on another list and thought y'all might be interested. I do not
    <> vouch for the accuracy of this info, but as a Ham and an EE, it all seems
    <> technically feasible to me. Comments are invited.
    >An acquaintance who is involved with telecommunications recently told me
    <> >that the spooks have the ability to listen in ("two way interaction" is
    <> >the way he put it) through some kind of "black box" in our television
    [ snip ]

    <> First off, I can confirm this as a non-rumor, but as fact. In fact, this has
    <> been the case for over a dozen years. The 'cable-ready' set has had this
    <> ability since the term 'cable-ready' came to be.

    I can confirm a similar practice within satellite communications products.
    I have not been involved with this for several years. But, I used to work
    for a company (which no longer exists) that pioneered the development of
    commercial use of mobile hand-held 2-way satcom transceivers. At the time,
    the hand-held models were prototype and (at least during the company's
    official existence) were never completed. The system prior to the
    hand-held devices were somewhat larger devices which were typically
    used on big rig trucks for tracking and 2-way communications between
    driver and company HQ. Anyway, to the point, I was for about 3 years
    within the heart of this entire system. As it was all a big prototype
    it was quite open (internally). I was involved to the link-level of
    this protocol and discovered that the manufacturer of one of the transceivers
    we used had built-in "master" codes that could be used to activate or
    deactivate any function of the transceiver from the manufacturers HQ,
    since of course, not only the customer and us, the manufacturers had
    full access within our system "for diagnostic and testing purposes".

    The bottom line is, the transceiver manufacturer had absolute control
    of all these devices any time they wanted to use it (of course, so
    did I, but I digress). Some of these devices were being used as unmanned
    communications devices monitoring and controlling offshore oil rigs,
    refrigeration units on trucks, whatever. In one experiment that I
    was part of, we even used these devices to download and execute new
    software for various computing devices that were connected at the other
    end. Meaning computers that controlled whatever, in an unmanned
    remote location (wherever) could be reprogrammed and executed via
    this satcom transceiver. This was 1991. I'm sure if "they" wanted
    to fully develop all of there capabilities it would be done by now.

    The transceiver manufacturer in this case was a Japanese company.
    The stated intended use of this technology was to vastly improve
    air traffic control (too much control if you ask me). When I
    presented the complete proof of this capability within the protocol
    and demonstrated it, I was simply told "who cares."

    Just another example of what goes on behind and within the scenes.
    I have been intentionally vague about the details.

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    Re: The Ultimate Conspiracy Post?

    As for the chips in cars...if this is possible, why wouldn't it be possible via satellite? The article is at ABC News website.

    Microwave 'Gun' Could End High-Speed Police Chases

    Company Develops Technology to Zap Fleeing Cars With Invisible Energy Beams


    March 1, 2005 The idea of a powerful ray gun has been a staple of science-fiction writing for decades. But a "weapon" that shoots invisible beams of energy could be making its way into law-enforcement hands soon.

    The technology isn't exactly something that would replace a police officer's handgun. In fact, the system being developed by Eureka Aerospace in Pasadena, Calif., couldn't even be crammed into a standard pistol holster.

    But the developers say their device, which uses technology more closely related to flash cooking than Flash Gordon, may help stop criminals and terrorists in their tracks.

    James Tatoian, chief executive of Eureka, says the High Power Electromagnetic System is designed to disable cars say, those fleeing from police officers using bursts of microwave energy.

    "Basically, since the 1970s, every car is built with some sort of microprocessor-controlled system like the ignition control and fuel pump control a lot of vital car systems," says Tatoian. "If you introduce a parasitic current into their wires, it leads to a power surge which in turn burns out those microprocessors."

    Once the car's chips are disabled, the vehicle will gradually slow to a halt, allowing police or other security forces to safely approach and apprehend the driver.

    A New Type of Nuker

    Tatoian is quick to admit that the company's experimental device isn't the first or only directed energy system designed to attack cars. Others have developed similar concepts and prototypes before. And some, like Eureka, are continuing their work using partial funding from a U.S. military research project that seeks to study the feasibility of "less than lethal" weapons.

    But Tatoian believes his designers and researchers have come a lot further in t.erms of power, portability and usability than other alternative solutions.

    "It's still in development stages, but the system is about 200 pounds in total weight. It will fit in a car with the [microwave] antenna mounted on the roof," says Tatoian. "It's also worthwhile to say that produces about 10 to 15 kilovolts per meter." During tests of the early unit, that was enough power to burn out chips in cars up to 100 meters distant.

    More importantly, the Eureka system is "tunable"

    "What's interesting is that every car has its own set of vulnerable frequencies in the range of 350 megahertz to 1,300 megahertz," says Tatoian. "The most ideal case [for our system] is where police officers pursuing a vehicle know the make and model of the car, they then can dial in the right frequencies that that car is vulnerable to in order to stop it."

    Continued at
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    Re: The Ultimate Conspiracy Post?

    Well Bob, pop some more popcorn- and I definitely see your point- valid, real valid...but my rose colored glasses have some scratches and chips in them. I do enjoy many things in life, including the great outdoors...and fresh air...but alas, do a search at this site or (on a search engine) for "chemtrails" HINT: has to do with the big pharma and depopulation factors.

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    Re: The Ultimate Conspiracy Post?

    And I just found an earlier article out of the UK...and it mentions "Big Brother." Uncanny.


    Police call for remote button to stop cars

    Motorists face new 'Big Brother' technology

    Juliette Jowit, transport editor
    Sunday December 21, 2003
    The Observer

    After speed cameras, road humps and mobile phone bans, there could be more bad news for Britain's motorists. Police are urging Ministers to give them the power to stop vehicles by remote control.

    In what will be seen as yet another example of the increasing power of Big Brother, drivers face the prospect of their cars being halted by somebody pushing a button.

    The police lobby is being led by Superintendent Jim Hammond of Sussex police, who chairs an Association of Chief Police Officers technology working group which is examining the idea.

    'Providing an effective means to remotely stop a vehicle is fast becoming a priority,' Hammond told a European conference. 'The development of a safe and controlled system to enable remote stopping has the potential to directly save lives.'

    However, Bert Morris, deputy director of the AA Motoring Trust said: 'People don't like the idea of Big Brother taking over their driving. In years to come that might be acceptable, but it's very, very important that there's a step-by-step approach.'

    Cars could be stopped by the gradual reduction of engine power so it slowly comes to a stop, or by making sure when drivers come to a halt they can not move again.

    Stopping cars remotely sounds futuristic, but the basic technology is already available and used in lorries to limit the top speed to 56mph and in new systems to immobilise stolen cars.

    The key is the electronics box in most new cars which, when the driver presses the accelerator or brake, sends a message to the engine to speed up or slow down. It can be programmed to limit the speed generally or according to the position of the car, established via a GPS satellite. For remote operation, a modem, which works like a mobile phone, can be used tell the car to slow down or stop.

    Similar radio telemetry was used by Formula One pit crews to adjust the engines of racing cars at up to 200mph - until it was banned this year.

    'The technology exists and will become more refined as time goes on,' said Nick Rendell, managing director of the Siemens business developing this technology in the UK.

    A senior police officer - assumed to be the chief constable or deputy - can already give the order to stop a car remotely, but that power has rarely if ever been used, said Morris. To use any new powers more widely, police must first overcome some practical problems to reassure Ministers that vehicles would be stopped safety. Ministers will also want reassurances that drivers would not be mistakenly stopped.

    ACPO insists that it would only introduce the technology when it was safe. It is calling on the Government to introduce the legislation which it says will be vital to stop vehicles when - as expected - manufacturers develop tyres that run when they are flat. This will make 'stingers' - the spiked strips thrown in front of speeding cars - useless to stop stolen and get-away cars or dangerous drivers.

    It is also linked to pressure to make cars 'pointless to steal' because of growing concern about more violent car crime as vehicles become harder to take. The RAC Foundation recently found there were as many as 1,200 car jackings in Britain last year.

    Another link is to technology which would stop cars going above certain speed limits - either a fixed maximum such as 70mph, or varying according to the local limit.

    The system could even be programmed to reduce speeds below the limit in bad weather or when school children were expected to be about, said Robert Gifford, director of the Parliamentary Advisory Committee on Transport Safety, which believes the technology could cut the 3,420 deaths a year on Britain's roads by 59 per cent.

    Experts now believe the technology could start to be used voluntarily by the end of the decade and ultimately could be made mandatory.

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    Re: The Ultimate Conspiracy Post?

    This snippet taken from:


    Warning: You cannot wear rose-colored glasses to read the wealth of info. that site has, and look at the many links there (although sunglasses may cut down the glare- won't keep out the scary info.) I have yet to skim it all, but have had enough negative for a while.

    Radio Frequency Weapons

    Super powerful Radio Frequency Weapons can effect internal wiring in rockets and aircraft. They can crash networks of computers, knockout power grids, disable alarms, disable cars and planes, start fires in buildings, destroy electronics and communication systems. Super powerful light wave weapons can blind humans, destroy satellites, missiles, aircraft, etc. Super powerful audio wave weapons can disable humans. These are new weapons to use against superpowers with high tech weapons and encrypted electronic communication networks, since most of our electronics is vulnerable. The electromagnetic weapons exist and it has "proven to work." Many countries have current research to increase RF weapons destructive powers and counter defenses with super shielding.

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    Re: The Ultimate Conspiracy Post?

    Quote Originally Posted by boone
    Thanks for all the info. here...and the Steelers DID win..oh brother- wondering if there any valid basis for this claim...anybody else catch wind of what I wrote about above???
    caught it.and then "passed" it!?the quarterback hates me now!?hehe!!

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    Re: The Ultimate Conspiracy Post?

    Quote Originally Posted by boone
    Well Bob, pop some more popcorn- and I definitely see your point- valid, real valid...but my rose colored glasses have some scratches and chips in them. I do enjoy many things in life, including the great outdoors...and fresh air...but alas, do a search at this site or (on a search engine) for "chemtrails" HINT: has to do with the big pharma and depopulation factors.
    speakin a fresh air,i've always admired your "lungs'!?go with nature i always say!?(now i do!)did i mention i've recieved medical training for lung inspections!?ok!..so i was in the hospital and this nurse leaned over my bed!?.......hehe!!
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