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    Received RV offer

    [FONT=Arial]I have RV listed on RV Search.com and
    received an offer similar to others on this site :

    "Thank you for your response,after discussing with my client concerning your reply to our enquiry on your RV condition ,he is satisfied with the details of your response and the vehicle's condition update from the RVsearch.com. To that effect he has commended your vehicle and has instructed me to carry on the transaction at the price of $23,000. He said he will be going on a vacation soon and will rest virtually all the transaction on my shoulder and assign a carrier/shipper like wise that i will work with,he futher stressed that he will be issuing out a cashier check of ($31,000) which is a refund payment of a cancelled order earlier made by him.Due to companys policy this payment has to be madeout in this amount to you ,because company policy only allows a refund payment on one cashiers check,this amount is expected to cover both the shipping and any other expences that might accrue in the course of this transaction, so you are required to deduct the cost of your vehicle which is( $23,000) and then refund balance which is ($8,000) to my clients carrier/shipper after payment gets to you to enable him come for inspection /pick-up,transfer of title paper and other tax charges,
    Confirm this and send me your NAME,ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER for check payment to be delivered to you via courier services .All other information needed in completion of this transaction will be given to you in due time.
    Your honesty, understanding and co-operation will behighly appreciated.
    Have a nice day and my greetings to your family,

    Charles Culkin"

    Intent is to get the refund from me and then cut off
    original check

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    Re: Received RV offer

    Received the same email from Charles re my RV for sale in Florida and reported it to Florida Attorney General.

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