I don't know if this is a web scam but I am having this happen to me. I'm trying to sell my truck locally here so I advertise on the local buy and sell. This company called me from my ad stating that they can sell my truck for what I am asking for only a small fee of $150 (money up front and they will place my ad in there website) If they don't sell it within 90 days they will refund my money. They also have a web site that seems to get no traffic so I was sceptical. They told me that the web site is of no matter and that they have a sales staff out on the road looking for buyers. They even told me to look then up on the BBB. I thought what the hay... it's only $150 and I will get it back if they don't sell it.

Well it's been 60 days and they not only DIDN'T sell my truck but they didn't even send me one buyer to look at it. I have been trying to contact them for updates but, they refuse to return my emails. I called them but they always have voice mail on.

I guess I will waite my 90 days but if I can't even get a hold of them, then I doubt I will get my money back.

Watch out for this outfit.