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Thread: Simply You?

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    Simply You?

    This is my first time at this freebie stuff. I'm trying to get a Ibook from http://www.gadgetcity.com/. My simply you offer just went in to in progress is it safe to unsubscribe to it? Or should I wait and pay the money when the 7 days are up?

    How long does it usally take from the time you started to ship?

    If I goto another site to get something else are there any offers that move faster? And are there different pages better to get different stuff? Like say I want a PS3 and a TV.

    Also could some one tell me or point me in the direction of a fourm post that has the different sites where I can get more free stuff. This is kind of addicting. Stuff I would like to get is a TV (mines broken) PS3, Xbox 360, Cash (because that's always good). I seen some offers for a canon 20d but that was wack because they wanted me to sign up for offers that would cost me way over the price of it.


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    Re: Simply You?

    Or not that's cool too.....
    In Progress- Waiting For Approval
    GadgetCity- Ibook- 6/6
    MarketSurveyGroup- Sony Plasma TV Monitor- 6/6

    Next Up
    Bigwin- K2 Snowboard- 0/4
    EveryFreeGift.com- $1000 visa
    InternetOpinionGroup- $1000 visa
    Brandarama- Xbox 360
    OnlineRewardCenter- Gibson SG (this one is a must!)

    Also doing 1 referral
    FreebieFreebie.com- PS3 2/7

    PM me if you want to trade.

    Hi, my names Chris, and I'm a freebie addict

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