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    Was Harrassed For Filing Unemployment

    I was doing work as a semi-independent contractor thru a private satellite contractor A-V Connections owned and operated by Todd and Kim Young between the end of July to November 2005.I was forced to quit due to the fact the transmission went out on my van.I filed for unemployment due to the fact I had worked at another job before this one,I had to list this job on the forms because there would have been a 4 month gap.I followed the directions as I was suppose to,list all jobs. My former employer A-V Connections called me up at 7:30 Saturday night and asked me why I had filed for unemployment and that I couldn't get unemployment.Then she,Kim went on complaining about the fact she would have to fill out all the papers the state unemployment office had sent to them to fill out and how much of a burden it has put on her to do so. I talked to the unemployment office in a interveiw after this and found out this A-V Connections had reported that I only had worked there for 22 days.This is a lie I told the guy on the phone, I have 4 months of job log sheets to prove different along with copies of checks they paided me.I was told that this A-V Connections regarless of anything, would not bear any weight in whether I get my unemployment or not. This same outfit has another guy working for them,John and Todd the owner of this business suggested I sell my $400 signal meter to John.John agreed to buy it for $300 dollars,gave me $150 dollars and promised to pay me the other half next week. Next week was 5 weeks ago.John has done nothing but avoid me and the two times I have actually caught up with him,he has given me some cock and bull story.The owner of the business ,who suggested I sell it to him,seems to just look the other way. Is there anything legally I could do about this?

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    Re: Was Harrassed For Filing Unemployment

    The only thing you can do is to take him to small claims court, but in all reality it would probably be a bigger pain in the rear than anything. Also you will need to bring some type of record that he agreed to pay for it. If you dont have this, then try to get something from your unemployment office saying that they tried to lie about your working time frame. This would at least show their true colors and maybe the judge would see it your way. Hope that helps and Good Luck

    Brittany Vazquez :)

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