this was sent to me buy a friend who was offered the chance to invest. Both parties in the email are known to me and i am just worried that the first person writing, who sent the offer on to my friend is getting himself in well over his head! Any thoughts on this, think its a scam?? I have edited all email addresses and IP's in case it is not a scam but the first guy writing has gone from nothing to owning a property in UK, 1 in Andorra and it seems now 1 in the Bahamas! your thoughts would be appreciated!

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Hi Andy,

Maybe you are interested in a bit of this in the Bahamas?I have
purchased a plot for myself and my parents..And have since been in
conversation with XXX and have reserved another plot,infact 2 more
plots...But only have them until thursday next week....I get them heavily
discounted as i was in there at the right time....These plots are selling
like you Can't believe....Have a read of the email i got from XXX earlier
and see what you think?Its all above board,nothing dodgy!!
There are no more plots at this kind of price anymore to anybody.....

let me know what you think?I'm not going to build on my plot for a year or
two....In that time they have been valued to be over $200000.....I wish i
could buy more!!



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Hi Jase,

Further to our conversation last night about how you can make a bob or two
out of your buying status.

I've checked the rules this morning and there's nothing to say you can't
reserve 2 plots from the list. It only says you must be established as a
party who was interested before the sale contract to RUFO was signed. That
you were and they've already acknowledged that by signing off your first
plot at the discounted price. Nobody has yet reserved two from the list, but
the rules don't exclude it, so let them try to tell me it can't be done and
they can sod off.

So, let's take an example:

Phase 2, Section 1, Lot 39 has permission for 4 apartments like the plot
you've already signed up for. To anyone who enquires right now would be
$129,375 with maximum discounts (that's for completion by July). With Stamp
Duty and legal fees that goes up to $137,260. That's about £77,500, bloody
cheap for almost half an acre with permission for 4.

However, you qualify for the same plot at $90,000. Add Stamp Duty and legals
again and it comes to $94,820. About £53,500.

£22,000 cheaper for the same plot. So, if you were to have 4 people who
fancied it you could split your discount with them. They buy £22,000 cheaper
and say pay you £11,000 between them (£2750 each). In return for your £2750
fee they get the cheaper price and you could offer to sort all the on the
ground stuff out (coming up with ascheme, builders quotes etc.) for them.
You're going to be doing your own anyway and you could probably split some
fees (drawings and stuff) over the 2 projects so you'll all save.

You make £11,000
They save £11,000 and have someone to sort it all out for them. Price per
person comes out at £16,125 including your "fee" as opposed to £19,375 if
they came direct without paying you.

Everyones a winner and no skin of my nose because someone will buy it at
that price anyway. There are only 8 left from the initial 30 list so they
are all going to sell before 20th February which is the first date I'm
allowed to withdraw the concessionary list.

By the way, this lot in the 2007 price list is at $230,000 (about £129,900
or £32,475 each). That's where we expect prices to be once we have the
permissions in place for the golf course and marina.