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    Hearing Impaired Phone Relay Scam

    “Gordon Smith” Not real name: Calls companies looking to buy a product(s) mostly in the amount of $7000, and wants you to ship items to your business and/or “he’ll” have UPS pick up the item(s). An he will give you a credit card that might work are might not. If they don’t he’ll then he give you a couple more CC#’s. None are in his name or have the correct expiration date. The relay operators know about this scam and do nothing to stop it, they take no responsibility that they are helping a “scam artist” do his best work!!! They just keep typing away and don’t bother to tell you “this sounds like a scam.” I even called our bank and the customer service guy said he had worked for relay before and this was “VERY common scam.” The relay operators know about “Gordon Smith” and do nothing when he calls his next victim. The banks/credit card companies also know about him and act like it was no big deal!!! I was shock about how nonchalant they where about knowing he keeps taking their customers credit card numbers!!! FYI: he use to have item(s) shipped to England. Fortunately I found out about this scam before “he” was able to give me another person’s credit card! I told him I hope he will be caught soon, and I will tell anyone who will listen!

    Gordon’s yahoo address [email protected] & the fax # 508-570-4739
    If you want to notify a criminal that people know what he is doing and hopefully will be busted!!!!

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    Re: Hearing Impaired Phone Relay Scam

    I would like to say that relay operators do not engage in conversations as they are just there to relay the call. It is FCC regulated and I suggest u contact the FCC regarding relay calls. And that relay operator who you just stated told you about that can be punished and imprison for breaking confidentiality. Again the FCC is the one in charge.

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