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    HBG Publications

    Did anyone heared about HBGPublications?
    I went on yahoo Yewllow pages, and it says that this company doesn't exist.
    And went I got letter from them there are not phone number or anything.
    Anybody, any coments? :confused:

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    Re: HBG Publications

    Just go here and read up:


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    Re: HBG Publications

    Read about it paper,sent fortydollar ,got informations.They want you to take out a ad in various newspapers,saying how you can make money stuffing envelopes,art,crafts assembly,send 7.00 dollar to your mailing address,or you 800#number,self address stamped envelope.If you get any respones,mail that to hbg publications ,with a pay form,they sent you ,for everyone they send you 7.00 dollar,they mail the informatons to the person.

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    Re: HBG Publications

    yeh i have some things about htem number 909-869-0563 and i believe they don't exist and yes i would visit and blow it up because i hate scammers and liars. Why can they be honest and alll. good thing i found before i done the program and all.

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