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    USA Direct

    I had a man call me on the 11th of January saying that I had won some money from a sweepstakes entry (which I had entered). He said he would call me back the next morning, Jan 12th to tell me how much I had won. He called me back and told me that I had won $300,000.00. His bosses were in a meeting to determine how much the tax would be. He said they had been trying to contact me since December and if I had contacted them back before December 31, the tax would not have been as much. Anyways, he said he would call back this afternoon and tell me how much the tax would be and finalize the details on my getting the check. He called back and told me that they put my claim date as December 30, 2005. HOWEVER, (this is where the red flags came up) my bank would do the filing of the taxes, fine and good no problem there. AND I would have to do a security deposit in the amount of $9,000 in a family members name, using the BROKERS address, in a money gram!!! Red flags up all over hell!!!!!! I said I'm not sending anyone money for anything. He said I would be sending it to the person I named. I said how could they get it if I were sending it to the BROKERS address? He said the only person who could get the money were the person I named. Been burned before. Aint gonna happen again! He's calling back in the morning to get my decision. Has anyone else had this happen or heard of it happening from this particular company?

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    Re: USA Direct

    You got my attention; I know some one who worked for them:

    USA Direct, Inc.
    2901 Blackbridge Road
    York, Pennsylvania 17402


    This guy is not from USA Direct, a legit company. They have been scammed in the past by scammers though using their name. Could be this guy does not even know there is a company by this name. Get more info on this guy if possible and report him.

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    Re: USA Direct

    At their website [see lower left on home page fraud notice]

    "Fraud Notice

    It has come to our attention that fraudulent mailings through the mail or by e-mail soliciting contests and requests for personal information are being sent under the USA Direct, Inc. name and logo.

    Neither USA Direct, Inc. nor any of its affiliates have authorized or have knowledge of these activities. We are assisting the State and Federal authorities involved in these fraudulent activities.

    Please contact your local law enforcement authority regarding the mailing you receive. "

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    Re: USA Direct

    He never sent me anything, but said that it was from a sweepstakes I entered, which made sense at first because I did enter a PCH sweepstakes. First he told me he was from PCH and America something or other, then today he said USA Direct. He is supposed to be calling me tomorrow and I'm going to tape the conversation. I've alerted my son-in-law who works for the sherrifs dept. All I have at this point is his "name". I'm going to try and get the address of his location at USA Direct as well. He said that the 'Broker' was in Halifax Nova Scotia. Whatever. He said that he was calling from a secure phone line and that is why it didn't come up with anything on my caller ID. unhm...right. That was for MY safety so no one else could claim my winnings.

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