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    Source Point Global

    Has anyone heard of Source Point Global, I worked for them for about a month and a half when it came time to get paid, hello, no check!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Source Point Global

    Hey Which Source Point Global Are You Talking About In Chicago?

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    Re: Source Point Global

    SP Global (chicago) just Emailed me and asked me to send them $15.75 for ISPS certification. I answered an Ad in my local paper(No.Cal) for warehouse positions in my area. 5 minutes after applying online thru (careerbuilders) I recieved thier "application Packet"
    I dont give money to a company to hire me ! A legit company will generally pay for any extra paperwork that THEY need to have for their records!
    I see pe2nia posted about this company and its a big negative!
    IM gonna pass on this SCAM .
    PS , Hey pe2nia did you ever get your pay from these guys ????(just curious)
    Thanks, ghanson

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    Re: Source Point Global

    Thanks for the info - this is my experience: I was checking into a "local warehouse job" in the Orlando, Florida paper. It said to email susanb@mustangs.com.
    Well, I checked into mustangs.com, and it is an annonymous email place. Immediatly my suspiscions were raised, so I sent a generic email with no info., nothing in the message area.

    I immediatly received the email below from Source Point Global. As I did not apply to Source Point Global, I did a search. The webpage is supposedly under construction. I did another search, and ended up here. I appreciate this site, it stopped me from wasting any more of my time on this scam!


    Thank you for your interest in recent openings within our manufacturing and production divisions!

    We have received your inquiry requesting to apply, along with any resumes attached. While our personnel management staff is currently reviewing your submitted qualifications, we would like to invite you to proceed by downloading and completing our job application.

    Since you are under serious consideration for this position, we encourage you to complete all of the documents within this application packet and return them without any delays. Since we are not currently performing credit or background checks, we request that all who apply request and complete ISPS certification, which you will find included within the contents of your application packet.
    To download your reserved job application, please click on the following private intranet access link:


    If you are having trouble downloading or printing the applications, please call our personnel resources extension at 1-888-709-4788.

    If you have any additional questions, we respectfully appreciate if you would allow our limited personnel management staff to receive your completed application, then you will be contacted to conduct a possible formal interview and orientation, or to notify you of our decision.

    Personnel Resources Office,

    SourcePoint Global Communications
    Administrative Personnel Offices
    Chicago, IL=

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    Re: Source Point Global

    Hey, thanks you guys for saving this unemployed man some money from these pigs now scamming in Michigan. I wish there was a way of sticking it back to them!!

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    Re: Source Point Global

    My brush with SPG was an ad that a friend gave me from a small city newspaper in Michigan. Unfortunately I didn't see the exact ad, but I thought it sounded "too good to be true." Like blenderbabe, the email set off a red flag for me as well. But on the off chance I did send my resume.

    I received the exact automatic reply, with hard returns in the formatting which did not bode well with my email reader. It looked very unprofessional and the wording is not exactly, what you would call good english. "If you have any additional questions, we respectfully appreciate if you would allow our limited personnel management staff to receive your completed application, then you will be contacted to conduct a possible formal interview and orientation, or to notify you of our decision." LOL

    I debated following the link, but as I have a pretty good firewall and antivirus, I decided to go ahead. There are no viruses or adware executes, so at least they were low tech. Seems they are just going for the checks.

    I am going to lodge a complaint with the BBB. I would recommend anyone else to do the same.

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    Re: Source Point Global

    :o :( :mad: Unfortunately I have fallenvictim to this scam personally and let me tell you its infuriating. About two and a half months ago in December I decided to quit my job and find something else to do which would provide me with a financially secure future. I applied to well over fifty different positions, and I placed my resume on every site I could Find. And then one day I get an email saying that Source Point Global had found my resume on Career Builder.com (I did post my resume their) The email said that my credentials qualified me for a supervisory position. I jumped at the chance to obtain this position and in doing so sent them a check for a little under 28$. Money which I thought was for a safety packet which was to explain safety procedures that I would be tested on to further qualify me for the position when I was given an interview. I never got the packe and though I could do nothing about it until I came upon this site. When I found that others had dealt with this I did what I could and posted a complaing with the internet fraud site www.ic3.com I hope other will do the same and maybe we can stop what I consider a devestating crime against all who are looking to better their work experience. :eek:

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    Re: Source Point Global

    :mad: Source Point Global ran an ad in the Birmingham News last October. I responded and was told I was under serious consideration. After sending a check, I was given a manual which I studied and completed the requirements enclosed. This I shipped overnight with another check to SPG in Houston.

    Everyone who has been scamed by them...please file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and with your own Attorney General's office. Also with the New York and Texas attorney generals.

    This is very bad.

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