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    Re: Chandler Hill = Old Bernard Haldane scam compa

    I have been scamed $5,500.00 from Chandler Hill.Would love to get some names together and file a class action lawsuit against them

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    Re: Chandler Hill = Old Bernard Haldane scam compa

    I suggest to anyone who has Been scammed by Chandler Hill To report them to your states Attorney Generals Office.Also report them to BBB.This Firm scams the most vulnerable of us.People who need a job to feed their kids and keep a roof over their heads.The only way to stop this scam is for enough people complain to get the attention of the proper authorieties.Ihave lost Thousands by this scam.

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    Re: Chandler Hill = Old Bernard Haldane scam compa

    What I find amazing is when you search "Chandler Hill scam" all that is returned is links to sites saying how wonderful C-H is. Ripoffreport has not posted anything since 2006.

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    Re: Chandler Hill = Old Bernard Haldane scam compa

    My husband went to his first meeting last week and I went with him yesterday. John kept telling us that he lived right next door to the head guy in HR at a company my hubby would love to work for. And that their wives spend their summers laying by the pool, with the margarita machine, in their $300 bikinis (that they throw away the next day because they make them look fat). He compared himself to my hubby and me to his wife "20 yrs ago", kind of like "here is where you could be in 20yrs" Then his final pitch to me was the company paid $60,000 of the HR guy's kids medical bills when the insurance didn't cover it. Guess he had me pegged by the expensive looking dress I had on ($22 at Ross) and the fact that we have a daughter.
    All that felt kind of slick, I should know...I sold used cars in my early 20s.

    It all sounded too good to be true..."double the amount you make now, they don't pay you near enough, it normally take 6-8mo but we'll find you a job in 90days." Those are things I'm willing to pay for...good thing I started to notice some odd things. Looks like their website was hastily put together, with multiple words misspelled. www.ARECOMPANIES.COM
    Then they showed us two emails from people thanking them for their new jobs...the emails had been sent to a company called Chandler Hill. If you call their 800 number it mysteriously disconnected you after you've held for a few minutes. The same happens (you can get voicemail if you know the extension) if you call their local number. I called the management company for the building they are in and was told they used to be Chandler Hill and they also go by Houston Career Specialists.
    They wanted $5950. I was pretty sure that every time he left "his" office, they were listening from another room.

    Sure glad I was able to wipe the slobber off my lip after hearing about how I could spend my days drunk, laying next to the pool in a $300 bathing suit...I was ready to write him a blank check, give him my credit card numbers & sign over my first born.
    Thanks to whoever started this thread and helped me connect all the dots, I'm going to blame you for the rest of my life for forcing me to be a sober, productive member of society!

    Oh and this was in Houston Texas.

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    Re: Chandler Hill = Old Bernard Haldane scam compa

    Same happened to my husband in Atlanta...then after taking his money in June 2011, they closed the office by 10/1/2011!....Plan to file a civil suit against Geri and Marla

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    Re: Chandler Hill = Old Bernard Haldane scam compa

    Please contact me....thanks!

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