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    Bush Regime's Fascist Juggernaut On High Court

    Yesterday's testimony by Samuel (Sc)Alito was chilling in its implications for what's left of the ruins of our society in the wake of the Bush Regime's war on freedom and liberty.

    It was a performance worthy of Fred Astair to watch this slippery Ameri-Nazi dance around the klieg lights that were being focused on his record of support for unbridled dictatorial and tyrannical executive power.

    As anticipated, all questions posed by fellow fascist thugs like Orrin Hatch, were not interrogative in any way whatsoever, but were simply cheer leading monologues for this fascist fiend who is being planted on The Court by The Bush Mob in an attempt to foreclose the prospect of ever being held accountable for their monstrous and voluminous crimes against The American People.

    These include assaults on the fundamental Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure.

    In more than a dozen dissents he has filed on this issue as a judge, not one of those dissents urges a position protective of individual rights.

    Perhaps the most troubling example is his dissent in Doe v. Groody, where Alito voted to approve the strip search of a mother and her ten-year-old daughter, even though the warrant authorizing the search did not name or refer to either of them.

    Even then-Judge Michael Chertoff, now head of the Bush Department of Homeland Security, criticized Alito's position as threatening to turn the Constitution's search warrant requirement into little more than a “rubber stamp.”

    It's clear, The Bush Regime has thrown down the gauntlet in it's unremitting assault on our heritage as a free and open society.
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    Re: Bush Regime's Fascist Juggernaut On High Court

    You all just keep on worrying about how you can perpetuate the fraud of impeachment, meanwhile we will have another conservative on the court.

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    Re: Bush Regime's Fascist Juggernaut On High Court

    "Fraud"? Not sure what you mean by that.

    The Constitution demands that the President be impeached for High Crimes or Misdemeanors, which includes any violation of his oath of office, in which he swore to uphold the Constitution, not put it through the shredder.

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