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    Greetings everyone, I've been a lurker here for awhile and I finally decided to register and post! First I just wanted to say how impressed I've been with this site and the amount of good content on here, it's inspiring!

    Having been ripped off myself on a couple occasions, I've found myself motivated to fight back in my own way. Recently I started a new site called www.armthemob.com which is dedicated to exposing those which mislead and scam the public. It's my wish to help educate people and involve them in process of gathering information about the conartists and I'm doing that by means of a submission, voting and cataloging system which is the core of my site. In essence, it's my wish to "arm" people with knowledge so they won't be taken advantage of. Knowledge is power and there is strength in numbers, therefore by "arming the mob", we can fight back. (Nice play on words, eh?) :D

    The site is in beta, so there's a lot of features to come which aren't included yet, but it's completely free and if for no other reason then a site with lots of interesting articles about scams for you to read, I encourage you to check it out! Thanks!

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    Re: ArmtheMob.com

    Checked it out. I like it bookmark!!

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