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    Fight Scam in Ukraine

    Dear gentlemen,

    We totally agree with everything discussed on this web-site. And this is true, romance scam on the side of Russian and Ukrainian women has caused more than a few problems to western men lately.

    Unfortunately it's often difficult to spot a scammer as after going through tens of thousands of scammers' pix you may or may not find the lady you were talking to. Scammers tend to change the pictures they use quite often so at times if one photo was spotted and posted on the scammers' lists, the scammer already has 10 other pix on his file to use.

    What would be a wise thing to do other than looking through all these tens of thousands pix?

    We'd recommend you an individual approach to each lady you are corresponding with. Ask her for her passport data or some other document identifying her. If she doesn't send it - that's an immediate alert. If she does, you could still check on her Identity as so many scammers will send someone else's passport data or change some of the data so as to become "unidentifiable".

    We are a Ukrainian Antiscam Service that offers individual check up on people's personal infos. We can verify the passports and other documents of people you deal with and hence you can learn if the data sent to you is true or false. You can also know if all infos on the data you were provided by your Ukrainian contact are matching with one another and with the reality. Even a few changed figures on a passport serial number are an alert the person that sent you the data is not real.

    You can also check up on the person's previous criminal status, their family status, their past work back-ground and lots of other personal infos that can help you understand whether the person's telling you all the truth about themselves or hiding something from you.

    At times double-checking helps avoid bad problems. So don't hesitate to contact us if you have a suspicion about someone you got involved with via one of the dating agencies.

    We wish you every happiness and hope to be of help to you with achieving it.

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    Re: Fight Scam in Ukraine

    This kind of scam about you are talking is insignificant.

    Scammer uses lady’s information for fraud. Lady even does not suspect that scammer used her personal information. This kind of scam is usually made by marriage agencies. By this trick an officer of a marriage agency pulls you into further correspondence (which is paid by you. Normally you are charged any letter or translation).

    After few weeks (months) correspondence and charges you are notified that lady changed her mind, found other admirer, fell in love other person, feelings disappeared etc. In short marriage agency has 1000 ways to hide this scam and not to loose the customer.

    Marriage agencies mention that they had 200 brides in catalogue but really they have 50 brides. The rest 150 brides are fiction and are used for meager fraud.

    Average waste is 180.00 USD / each victim.

    I recommend to concentrate attention on professional scam. Here's professional scam scenario:

    Scammer is lady. The lady registers in marriage agency and make correspondence with men who use the service of the marriage agency. Lady is real; marriage agency provides web camera meetings. Actually the lady is not going to marry. She may have husband, children, lover and use you as a financial support. Such ladies as a rule have 6-8 admirers and “work” with them. It’s simply kind of business and nothing more.

    In the beginning marriage agency does not suspect scam but when the marriage agency suspects scam it simply keeps silent because they earn money on your relationships with the lady.

    This way the lady only meet men, smile and pull money. There are different kinds how to get money from men: computer courses, driving license, disease of her mother, broken leg of her elder sister, beauty saloon, bank credit for education, foreign language courses, travel passport (which already lady has already had) etc. You know scammer will find ways to get money from victim once the scammer feels that victim is seized. 6-8 admirers usually make scammer profit about 7000.00 USD per year. (Just notify you that minimal salary in Ukraine is about 1200.00 USD / per year). This is the most frequent kind of fraud.

    This scam is made by professional scammers only.

    Average waste is 12000.00 USD / each victim
    Private Detective Odessa Ukraine.
    Background Checks, surveillance, scam investigations. www.investigator-ukraine.com

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    Re: Fight Scam in Ukraine

    By the way, few days ago I watched TV and the Minister of the police of Ukraine declared that Ukrainian police will make severe restrictions to control foreign citizens which are coming to Ukraine.

    The reason is a lot of crime is made by foreign citizens on the territory of Ukraine. From other side no complaints from foreign citizens visiting Ukraine about crime made by residents.

    At the moment the police of Ukraine trying to find solution how to control foreign citizens.
    Private Detective Odessa Ukraine.
    Background Checks, surveillance, scam investigations. www.investigator-ukraine.com

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