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    Sell your email scam

    If you see this advertisement below do not join it. It has false and misleading statements as to it's potential look below.

    I ask you this....

    If someone pays you $5.00 would you agree to accept 1 email per month from them?

    If your answer is "Yes"

    You are about to earn some serious cash!!!


    Within days of activating your account the money will begin to flow directly into your PayPal account.
    Our brand new program is a take-off from the email programs that have been talked about on TV like the O???? show where people have made tens of thousands. The difference being our program automatically places you on the list of others, guarantees that your payments increase with each new addition to our program.

    To earn your right to participate you must activate your account by making a one-time payment of $5.00 to the list Administrator and payments of $5.00 to four (4) of our current members.
    (Total one-time cost to you of $25.00)

    This is not a randomizer.... This will definately pay you cash!
    We have created a brilliant system that will spread your name to other lists and earnings are guaranteed even if you do not advertise to others.
    Each time you receive $5 into your PayPal the person that sent the money has the right to send you 1 email per month and this also entitles you to send that person 1 email per month.
    Imagine if you have something to offer..... This will build an email contact list like no other!
    The one-time cost of $25.00 will build the best contact list out there!
    This will earn you some serious cash in the process!

    Simply the Best!

    Receive $5.00 from hundreds and even thousands of people!
    (Directly deposited into your PayPal account)

    (No Worries.... we offer a Money back guarantee)

    How it works
    People will send you $5.00 for the right to send you an email.
    (Do not confuse this with any type of email reading program, this is a NEW concept and keeps us PayPal legal.)
    Each person that sends $5.00 to your PayPal account is paying you for the right to send you an email. This email will not be considered as spam because they have paid you. They may send only 1 email in each calendar month, maximum 12 per year.
    It is not required for you to send emails, You may join our group just to get CASH.

    Step 1
    You pay list Administrator $5

    Step 2
    Administrator will send a list of 4 names and you must pay each of them $5
    (We use a manual verifing system, the list will be sent usually within 1 day)

    Step 3
    Once you have paid each one of the 4 names the Administrator will add you to more lists and when these lists get paid you are also paid $5
    Your name will spread through many different lists like wildfire and $5 will be paid to you each and every time!
    We are making this serious statement.
    "We fully expect you to get a flood of payments to your PayPal"
    We have created a system that will spread your name to many different lists and we are not about to share our formula with the public for others to copy.
    The proof is in the cash deposits to your account!

    For all advertisers
    Keep in mind.... Your list will grow as your name is added to other lists and this will entitle you to send emails to them.
    These will become the best leads of your life!!!
    not to mention....
    a very profitable one to boot!
    Make a bundle while you grow your list!
    Someone once said "The money is in your lists" This is fact!

    You are about to earn cash!

    This site belongs to member:

    Gordon Woods


    By making a $5.00 payment to the list administrator you are agreeing to these conditions:
    - Each time someone pays you $5.00 they are entitled to send you 1 email per month.
    - You are entitled to send 1 email per month to anyone that has paid you $5.00.
    - List administrator will add your email address to various lists. The lists are only for the purpose of this program and must be done in order for you to receive monies.
    -You may withdraw from the program at any time by sending us an email and your name will be removed from all lists.
    - Administration may send emails to you at anytime.
    - Spam is not tolerated and you will be removed from this program and any monies will not be paid to you in any form.

    To report spam please send email with all details to: nospam@shop705.com

    SELLyourEMAILcom is a copyright of 2004-2006 shop705.com All Rights Reserved.
    All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.
    CONTACT US: admin@shop705.com

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    Re: Sell your email scam

    Looks to me like they just tried to put a twist on a chain letter scheme to make it look legit. It is just a chain letter/pyramid scheme nonetheless.

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