We have seen all the ads on various job search sites. Only to recive a variation of the letter below as a response.

Here is my tought..... its all the same as " envelope stuffing " BUT its done on the internet .. the only real variation to this " Opportunity " is the cost of the " training material " ... If you post a job on the free sites people WILL respond for " more information " it is then you have to be cunning enough to convince them into sending you $$$ for the information so that you can tell them how to place ads like the one they answered .... here is my response to his email AND he has not responded back to me .... which means its not working .... !!

Of course Im serious and willing to put forth an effort but I have inquired
to several of ads like yours with the reasons almost exactly the same as the
one you had only variation is the cost of the " training " materials.

I have a few questions for you..

Honestly how long have you been doing this ?
How many responses vs. actually people you have signed up have you gotten.
Does the " training " material allow you to " set " your own price on the "
package " ... because you see

The way I actually see it is the $20 I spend you will send me information on
how to place ads like the one you placed to get others interested in sending
in for the materials and THAT IS HOW the $$$ is made .... and that there is
no real secret to it at all....

Especially since the email is not a company email its a Hotmail, yahoo, or
any other free email ......

This is in no way a direct reflection on you but this seems to be a new
twist on " envelop stuffing " .... only done via the internet !! and it
doesnt say envelope stuffing ..... but the idea is the same !!

GOOD LUCK with this


ANY OPINIONA ??? !!! Oh of course there is what a stupid question :D

Hello K.
> The position for Home Typist that you inquired about does require you to
> have a computer with
> email access. Printers are not at all required but can be helpful. You can
> begin working FT or
> PT; the choice is up to you. You will need minimal typing skills for this
> position. You will be
> processing orders from your own computer via your email. This work from
> home opportunity
> will make you real money. You will not have to contact anyone; you will be
> contacted through
> your email. Now you must be willing to work as with any job, and it does
> require some time and
> effort to be successful. You will be paid $20.00 for each order you
> process, for example: if you process 25 orders a week, you will make
> $500.00 weekly. The amount of money you can make is virtually endless; it
> only depends on the time and effort you put forth. There is a "One Time
> Fee" of
> $20.00 to begin. This is the cost of the Training Materials. The Training
> Materials give you the
> step-by-step instructions on how YOU get started. When you receive your
> Training Materials
> you may begin working that very same day. Once you have processed your
> first order you will
> have already made back the cost of your Training Materials. You will
> receive your training
> materials through your email. This work from home opportunity is
> legitimate and how
> successful you are only depends on the time and effort you put in. I am
> here to help you get
> started and answer any questions that you may have. If you are serious,
> and are willing to put
> forth some time and effort, then I look very forward to hearing from you
> again.
> Thank you,
> Jason Tierney