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    Re: Plasma TV by SamplePromotionsGroup for 6 Offers!!!


    Same here. About a month ago I contacted the BBB of Northern Nevada. I received a response within a few days that they would be ordering my plasma. What do you know I got the plasma about 2 weeks later. I think the only way to get this completed and behind you is to contact the BBB.


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    Re: Plasma TV by SamplePromotionsGroup for 6 Offers!!!

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    Thanks so much for the updates regarding this offer. I, too, after much waiting have contacted the BBB and will let the group know if this action leads to a satisfying conclusion. The one problem I have is that two of my offers moved to the dreaded EXPIRED stage.

    Thanks for the inspiriation everyone! We shall overcome!

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    Re: Plasma TV by SamplePromotionsGroup for 6 Offers!!!

    is that coffee offer refundable?

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    Re: Plasma TV by SamplePromotionsGroup for 6 Offers!!!

    started back in january .........6 months later i finally got my tv ......its not the tv pictured ..... but a older plasma "MONITOR" (no speakers , or tuner) ill post pics later ....... good luck everyone else , trust me youll need it ...
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