i read all the posts below about the send-a-dollar scam...im not going to repost the whole letter because i think all of you are familiar with it. if not basically you send a dollar to each of 6 people on a mailing list and then put yourself on the same list and will supposedly receive thousands of dollars with in a couple weeks or months.

however it said that the reason this was a scam was because you had to pay for the list of names or because no one would reply and you just wasted your money on envelopes and stamps sending all of the letters out to 200+ people. but what if it were online?

the message board i saw this posted on (i have seen many copies of the same one) was obiously online, it wasn't sent to me through snail mail. the names are right there so i don't have to pay for that. it says to send out the $6 and then repost the letter/message on at least 200 message boards. since this is done online, it's all free- minus 6 stamps and 6 envelopes.

So my question is, is this still a scam? :confused: It isn't run by a company that gets all the money(at least i dont think so...), reposting is free, so it seems at worst i lose $6. Scam or not? Worth a try or not???

I really appreciate any replies, thoughts, advice...all are welcomed. Thanks!