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    www.getcashforsurveys.com scam?

    Just wondering if this is really legit or just a load of crap?

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    Re: www.getcashforsurveys.com scam?

    You can make money taking surveys but you will not make hundreds of dollars a day like they claim. They want you to pay for a list of survey sites and research companies. You should NOT pay for their list. There are tons of free lists and I have a free list of survey companies that pay on my website. You can access my list by following the link in my profile.
    What you can expect from taking surveys is that you will make a few thousand a YEAR not a month. I average a couple of hundred a month but it even took awhile to get to that point. You have to take ALL of the surveys if you want the companies to start trusting that you are serious. A lot of people will complain that they only get surveys that offer to enter them in drawings. These are the screeners. Once you get past the screener and qualify you will then find out about getting a product test or payment.
    The one thing you will see that is different between my list and that of other free lists or lists that you pay for is that mine is a little shorter. I could put up links for over 500 companies but a lot of those would just be companies that are trying to harvest email and they are not valid research companies. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions. On my website you will also find a message board with lots of people who take surveys and who are very happy to help you with any questions or concerns.


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    Re: www.getcashforsurveys.com scam?

    Hi, can you please share the pages that really pays for surveys? Thanks

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    Re: www.getcashforsurveys.com scam?

    That list changes all the time. The best way to go about it is by signing up for a ton and over a period of time you will find a handful that you actually make money from. Make sure to set up a separate email address that you dedicate to signing up to survey companies. You will get a ton of spam emails.

    Main thing, never pay to join a program or to buy a list of survey companies. They are just selling you information you can easily find on your own.

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    Re: www.getcashforsurveys.com scam?

    Leny8, I agree with Zaneypop. Also never give out your credit card info. Search around paid survey forums for reviews and don't trust anyone who claims that you can make a living off of them. You will mostly likely make an average of $2-3 per half hour survey and you might qualify for 2-3 surveys per day.

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    Re: www.getcashforsurveys.com scam?

    Quote Originally Posted by leny8 View Post
    Hi, can you please share the pages that really pays for surveys? Thanks
    Check out http://forum.surveypolice.com That's where all the die hard survey takers hang out. ;)

    As for the legit ones, like Zaneypop says, it changes from time to time. Mostly because there's lots of independent guys that do them, and then go broke. Then there's the big companies that end up merging.

    But here are a few from the top of my head:

    MySurvey - Recently merged with Lightspeed a few years ago. They are based on a point system and have a gift card/PayPal payout. Their surveys are usually about 30 minutes or less.

    Ipsos i-Say - I think they're mostly Amazon and check rewards? I haven't used them in a good couple of years. Their surveys are nice and sweet though. They also run the Home Testing Institute which sends you surveys via mail. Those payouts are usually $2-5 in cold hard cash.

    Valued Opinions - The surveys tend to be longer here than anywhere else. They do gift cards too.

    Opinion Outpost and SurveySpot are the same guys. I prefer OO, and have probably made like $600 in total with them. Definitely the two that have the fastest payouts and better variety in surveys.

    Pinecone Research - You have to be invited to join this panel. If you're interested, shoot me a PM and I'll forward you the e-mail next time I get one. The same goes for anyone else. You can usually expect one to two surveys per week, and it's all product evaluation and testing from popular brands. They have sent me food, drinks, fabric softener, cleaning supplies, pet food, lotion, and a lovely bath set with shampoo, body wash and sponge.

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    Re: www.getcashforsurveys.com scam?

    Pinecone is a favorite of everyone. I have banners up on my website now for it. They aren't always open for registration so you have to get in when you can.

    Im not a fan of surveypolice, mainly because of their setup but the forum is pretty good for up to date information.

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    Re: www.getcashforsurveys.com scam?

    Most survey sites are just a waste of time that is why I do not take anytime using them. I have been disappointed on so many occasions and I would not advice anyone to join them.

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