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    Re: At Home Publishing & United Work at Home Publi

    "Would you mail letters for $1000's weekly? Would you like to make $2 for each envelope you mail with our letter? If your answer is YES, our company has the right opportunity for you."

    This is the opening paragragh of the ad I saw in Small Business Opportunity(SBO). It's obviously designed to get people excited so that they don't read over the rest of the ad with a lawyer's eye. It MAY not be a scam, and you MAY be able to make money with it, but it is incredibly misleading. People expect to be able to work a few hours a week and make $500 or so. Obviously, as many people have said, this is not the case.

    It seems to me that the magazine SBO, and others like, are to be blamed as much as these con artists. If At Home Publishing has been pulling this stunt for the past 5 years, why are these magazines still allowing them in their publications? I bought SBO with the hope of getting insight and ideas for starting a small business. Instead what I got was a bunch of ads trying to sell me on their ideas. We shouldn't have to spend hours researching the companies in these magazines. They are a waste of time and money, trying to squeeze even more cash from us. I don't plan on buying this or any similar title again. :zx11pissed:

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    Re: At Home Publishing & United Work at Home Publi

    I am so thankful to God that I came across this website before losing $40. The last reply i've seen posted on here was from 2010. That just proves that they are still in the buisiness of robbing from the poor and adding the rich and it is now 2011. I agree that any company that asks for your $ in order to make $ are up to NO GOOD!!! Thanks for taking time out to warn others. May God Bless You All In JESUS NAME!! AMEN

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    Re: At Home Publishing & United Work at Home Publi

    Hello everyone I found this site when I was researching some business opportunities. I’m very sorry to read how you guys got ripped off ** At Home Publishing, I saw their ad in Small Business Opportunities magazine and I was thinking about sending them money but after everything I found I changed my mind, I really don’t understand how a company can get away with things they do. I guess as long as they refund the few that go through all the hassle you have to go through then they can’t really do anything to them, they still are making tons of money on the people that just let it go and don’t fool with asking for a refund, they must be making enough to keep advertising with full page ads in several magazines. I didn’t get ripped off At Home Publishing but I have been more than a couple of others in the past. you would think I would learn now but I really believe they are some legit opportunities out there I just have not found it yet. I thought I would post what I found in my research of this company and what you can do if you have not gotten a refund yet. I discovered that At Home Publishing has 1 complaint on complaintsboard.com 29 complaints on ripoffreport.com and 44 complaints to bbb.org here is the company information that is listed with the BBB.org
    At Home Publishing
    Phone: (702) 990-3223
    Fax: (760) 438-1293
    701 N. Green Valley Pkwy. #200, Henderson, NV 89074
    Contact Information
    Primary Contact:
    Dean Wong (President)
    Complaint Contact: Joanne Harris (Customer Service)
    If you still don’t get your money back then contact ftc.gov, they have really started cracking down on these companies taking advantage of people out of work or trying to earn extra money to support their families. You should make a complaint if you don’t get your money back.
    If you think this information was helpful send me a message, I am starting a blog where I will list 5-10 companies that will rip you off and 2-5 companies that you can really make money at (if I can find any) but I will not list a company that has not been proven to deliver join my blog and you can suggest companies you want put to the test.
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    Re: At Home Publishing & United Work at Home Publi

    Quote Originally Posted by 4success View Post
    yb: Hello everyone, my wife and I looked over a hundred companies or so and it was very hard to find one or more that didn't just rip you off. First we have to understand that there are no get rich quick schemes out there that will make you rich overnite.

    If it's wealth or success that you seek we have to work hard at it and put your time in and there is no other way to put it. "What you put in it, is exactly what you will get back out!"

    My qife and I have found a business that the investment is really cheap and the profits can be outstanding, but with any business you own you must put in time and effort to be successful. This is a business you can start for free and then after a week decide if you would like to take on the venture at a cost of only $10 a month. it does however require you to do some leg work.

    We thought at first it was a scam and then we looked into the companies background and finances and they were a totally debt free company with a 50% payout rate and growing at a 330% rate over the past five years. We have begun to make good money with this company and are very happy with the results we are getting.

    If anyone would like more information or is interested please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you would like just check out our website and I would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have, I am not trying to scam anyone, I just want people to see that there are good companies out there and let them know about it.

    Even those of us who have struggled and can't afford a lot of money to become entrepeneurs have a shot st the gold, and that was our story from the beginning. Thanks to someone else showing us this opportunity we are now doing well and our intentions are to only pass this on to others so they to can do as well.

    We would like to wish everyone the best of luck in their journey towards success and anywhere along the road if my wife and I cold help you in any kind of way just reach and we will do our best to help you with your succes plan. yb:
    Hello. I just came across your note here and I wanted to know what business you and your wife were able to start that is becoming successful for you both?
    Thank you.

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    Re: At Home Publishing & United Work at Home Publi

    We are an Education company offering a potential for independent individuals to generate leads for us. To clarify even further than what is always clearly stated at the ‘Top’ of, as well as numerous times throughout ALL of our advertisements, is that we are NOT looking for individuals to simply “Stuff Envelopes” nor is this an “Offer of Employment”. For example following is clearly written.

    “This is NOT a get rich quick business, pyramid scheme, envelope stuffing or chain letter.”

    “This is not an offer of employment, phone sales or a traditional JOB.”

    “Our simple one page of instructions for promoting our publications, you will receive all your pre-addressed inquiry envelopes from OUTSIDE prospects, with postage stamps ALREADY affixed.”

    “This method generates a lead for us and we will pay you $2 for each.”

    Unfortunately, even though this has been clearly written, some individuals still do not comprehend the above. And since an individual cannot comprehend simple one page of advertisement/instructions, they are not qualified to do this work and are encouraged to NEVER order from us. Or if they did order from us, to immediately ask for a refund.

    However, PLEASE provide us with your accurate contact information so that we can remedy the situation immediately vs us trying to find out who you are. We can immediately tell you the date your order was shipped out if your order was lost; if you asked for a refund the date your check was mailed; or the amount and date of your last commission check. Being ‘Anonymous’ is not helping anyone, especially you.

    We would also like to add, that if individuals cannot comprehend such clearly printed statements, they should STOP searching in a “Home BUSINESS” type of magazines for “EMPLOYMENT”. And they should search for a “JOB” in traditional sense, most likely available in your local newspaper classified section or Craigslist.org. We are not searching for any freelance writers or authors at this time.

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    Re: At Home Publishing & United Work at Home Publishing

    [QUOTE=lindumo;139580]I am in need of making extra money and have been looking into these "mailing letters from home" deals. I had Mailer Profits Inc. but see from the site that one is a scam. Does anyone know anything about "At Home Publishing" or "United Work at Home Publishing"? Both require $$ to get started and I can't afford to throw money away if they're not on the up and up.

    This is company is a scam for sure. I ordered the packet and read it. The only reason I purchased it is because it was in a business magazine so I thought they wouldn't let just anyone advertise in their magazine. I get the packet and read it inside and out, the content has nothing to do with what the add stated, to make it worse is that I paid $40.00 but the same program I paid 40 for they want me to advertise for them and sale it for $17.00 that's when a red flag first went up. Second all links to watch videos on how to do the system have nothing to do with how to use it, it's just stupid videos talking about how it's not a scam but never once tells you how to use it. I sent it back it's been two weeks, I've sent numerous emails and they send it back saying that they didn't read it because it could be spam. No they just are scam artist do no waste your money

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