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    Moving to an idyllic town outside Houston and then onto a small, 10-20 acre ranch.

    Any legitimate casino template sites?

    Has anyone found a casino template company that is both reputable and offers customer service?

    I'm a single mom because my husband absconded with most of MY savings; that's another scam all together! Depression, the serious kind, kept me in bed for several months but necessity is the best motivator.

    I've been a Realtor for over 16 years but, as you know, that's commission only profession. It will take a while to get things up and going again.

    I was hoping to open a casino site but doing my due diligence, thank God for y'all, all I have read is very negative posts especially about the person I was considering. I am so afraid to lose money I will have to borrow via credit card.

    I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can give me, pro or con, If you prefer to e-mail me directly, that's cool, too.
    hideous experience.

    P.S. Does this forum have spellcheck?


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    Re: Any legitimate casino template sites?

    So it is possible to create your own casino website? That's interesting. I like casinos.

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    Re: Any legitimate casino template sites?

    Now it is not a problem to create your own casino and collect money from customers. But only dishonest owners do that. Read the review about the Swedish casino and you will understand that these sites can be trusted. Now a lot of talk goes around the gaming business in Sweden and the authorities monitor the integrity of gaming resources.

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