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    Re: Adsense Problems Anyone?

    Im glad I found this site also. It seems that John Johnson has been a very busy person.

    Look at my report on ripoffreport.com: http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/ripoff238695.htm

    I hope you get what you deserve you rip-off jerk! John Johnson is a fraud and you should be warned to stay away from him!

    I’m also posting my own post here and many other sites for him as well. Look for it.


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    Re: Adsense Problems Anyone?


    Very creative "Jeff". Be a man Tony...use your real name. Can you say "slander" Tony? For that matter, can you even spell it?

    When I get time I'll post the emails associated with this at the bottom of www.targetedprospecting.com/tony.htm

    Good try!

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    Re: Adsense Problems Anyone?

    Who the heck is Tony and why are you calling me Tony stupid A**.
    I got another one of your stupid "Spam" emails you jerk, now refund my money, take me off your email list and stop denying you took my money!

    I hope everyone reading this stays away from John Johnson ebooks at www.targetedprospecting.com. He even shows you how to steal cable in his free ebook on his site. Great ebook loser!

    John Johnson is obviously a loser and a thief, stay away from him. He can deny it all he wants but its true and you might even get one of his marketing emails one day and if you do, STAY AWAY FROM HIM!


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    Re: Adsense Problems Anyone?

    LOL, It sounds like your finally making your way around John! People are starting to see that your a fake and its pissing you off, you jerk!

    I thought everyone would like to see the email I got from John this morning:

    Forget it John, I did not write any of those emails like that and you know it. You can continue to create all the fake emails you want, Its not affecting my business one bit, so have fun playing with yourself!


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    wbibro Guest

    Re: Adsense Problems Anyone?

    Yes, I've been using AdWords for a while now and that half of the system seems to be working just fine. It's a little slow in getting site hits but I guess that depends upon your budget (mine is $100/month) ...and the site hits they give me usually result in sales (referrals.)

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    Re: Adsense Problems Anyone?

    Grow up Tony...

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    Re: Adsense Problems Anyone?

    How do you expect anyone to believe your claims after you scam people out of as little as $60. Your a no spelin scumbket tony!

    Hello Everyone,

    Im happy to announce that Adsense Packages is up for sale.
    That’s right, I have decided to sell the entire Adsense Packages Business and all its domains, files, databases and affiliate network.
    I am very busy with other business ventures that are taking much of my time.
    Adsense Packages is a very profitable business that can be a very substantial income for just about anyone. It pretty much runs on auto pilot and continues to bring in an income of over $2000 a month and growing. All you need to do is answer to some emails each day and that’s it.
    If you market it more and build more sites and packages, you can increase your income by at least double.

    Here is a link to the sales page: http://www.adsensepackages.com/adsen...es_forsale.cfm

    If you are interested or have any questions, please read the sales page and then ask your questions.

    --Tony Paolillo

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    Re: Adsense Problems Anyone?

    Thanks for the advertisement backlink!

    Its obvious your getting what you deserve and liars like you can only lie for so long. I also see you’re still causing other people problems and now trying to tell them how to steal. Way to go loser!

    I have another For Sale email coming out soon too, so feel free to post it here and other places as well. I’m digging the backlinks!


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    Re: Adsense Problems Anyone?

    Your "jeff wood" BS isn't transparent at all Tony! I've lost a ton of sleep over that. I actually pity you. In addition, you're also building a great case for slander. One of these days you'll cross the line.... Just keep on going! I love it! Make it worth my while to sue you! It's good to know you've got an adsense business to come after....

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    Re: Adsense Problems Anyone?

    Dude, what are you talking about and why do you keep calling me jeff. What are you smoking over there?
    Your obviously upset because your getting what you deserve. Now your ripping off other people and your mad because they are tracking you down. Somehow your putting me in the middle of that because you have no other angle.
    How about if you go crawl back under the rock you crawled out of or stop lying and run an honest business like the rest of us and you might not be in such a bad way!
    Liars and rip-offs will always have some type of karma following them and apparently, now you have yours!

    Later Loser!

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    Bastrop Texas

    Re: Adsense Problems Anyone?

    I know this is an old thread, but I have dealt with Tony before and he is a scumbag. He will take white and twist it until it's black.
    "Cash Gifting" Looking for a few retards who want to send me money.

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    Make $500 Per Day From Google Adsense.

    Hi there

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    I have a tool for you which will make you a LOT of money in the shortest possible time.

    Introducing my Adsense Treasure Website.

    With this website I make over $40,000 per month. And now you have the chance to own a duplicate of the exact website.

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    I promise you won't have seen anything like it before.

    Last edited by Soapboxmom; 09-04-2009 at 07:39 AM. Reason: Please keep self-promotion links and contact information in your signature only. Thank you!

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    Re: Adsense Problems Anyone?

    But, wait $500 a day x 30 days is only $15,000. I bet you aren't making squat and that is why you tried to advertise here.


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