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    Re: Circuit City's Return Policy

    Quote Originally Posted by Angelik View Post
    If people are too dumb to read/keep their reciepts, they do not deserve any type of "special treatment". End of discussion.

    :i agree:

    Couldn't have said it better myself.

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    Re: Circuit City's Return Policy

    I returned an item to CC, a set of car speakers, and the reciept had faded out in my wallet. I simplay asked them to look up the purchase under my name, the SKU matched and I was out the door with a refund.
    I guess it was because I was calm and handled it in a businesslike manner.

    The moral is, if you lost the reciept, have them look it up. If it was a gift, send it to the giver and have them return it.

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    Re: Circuit City's Return Policy

    Circuit City is one of the few Retail Electronics stores that actually stores customer information in the computer under their phone number. After more than one bad experience at Best Buy after losing the receipt, I know anything I buy at CC will be in their computer if it happens again. Kind of reassuring if you ask me.
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    Re: Circuit City's Return Policy

    Circuit City has an open box shelf for electronics etc. that have been returned or used as a display item. They are sold at a discounted price.
    I think that items returned at the 29 day mark are tested and refurbished as necessary.
    They aren't sold as new.
    No, I do not work for CC or am I affiliated with them, I simply shop there.

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