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    Jan 2005
    1 is scam.

    This website is an international scam that providing online mobile purchasing. Do not buy from them as i have been one of the victim.

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    Nov 2004


    Rose surfed on out.
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    Nov 2004

    Crazy ebayer

    Rose surfed on out.
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    Nov 2005
    hermiston, oregon

    TCA Rebates Scam

    I bought a Magellan GPS from my local BiMart store and it had a certificate for a $30.00 rebate from the manufacturer. I sent it in and received a reply from TCA rebates to check my rebate status on '' to see when I would get my check. This was last November, and here it is a year later and no check. i tried and tried to get in contact to no avail-they do not answer the phone, and there is no email link to the website. Oh, the site that gives my status says my check was mailed last May.

    Has anyone else experienced problems with TCA?

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    Dec 2005

    international fraud? question before I buy

    Hi, I am a cell phone technician (private, not affiliated with any particular company (Verizon, cingular ect), I just buy wholsale and sell on ebay and to local customers). In dealing with phones, I get some phones with busted LCD'S for pennies on the dollar, and buy LCD's wholesale for 20-40 dollars. I always use credit card when buying LCD'S (just in case they are a scammer). Their are websites online which sell these same LCD'S (they claim) for half the price. I also need a particular LCD (well I need 15-20) and can not locate them from any US retailer because it is a newer model phone. Several places claim to have this LCD outside the USA and they of corse dont take credit card. How would I go about researching to see if the website they made is fraud? I googled their company name and found no "info" out, good or bad. I also checked the company name followed by the word fraud and scam, to see if perhaps I could find a posting of a customer accusing them of fraud. Could not find any relivant info. One of the company's I was looking at was called ""

    any info is appreciated, thanks all

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    :mad: Does anyone know about AWSM?
    If you havent WARNING keep well clear!
    I paid out over $20,000 in early september 05 and still have nothing and cannot see anythink in the future, anyone else out their been caught in this hype? :confused:

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    Jan 2006

    Cable Telemarketing Scam

    I remember receiving a phone call from a person that sounded of the age 20-25. He speaked very formal and offer me a cable service of 8$ for 80 channels a month for the next three months. I respond by asking him what company is promoting this service and he told me comcast. At the time I didn't think that it was a scam so I told him to sign us up for it. He asked for my name and a credit card to charge the 8$ on for 3 months. I told him I already have a account setup with them and he told me he still needed a credit card number for some insurance to match the credit card number to the account. At this point I start to become suspisious and ask for his name. There was a pause and he pretend to not hear what I said. I repeated the question and he said some made up name (forgot what he said). I hung up on him instantly after that and called the comcast company. They told me that there no such promotion going on...
    So just another warning of giving out Credit Card numbers and such on the phone...

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    Auction/local classifieds ads Fraud

    Never buy anything from a seller with 0 feedback.

    Don't put email address on your auction pages.

    Never use Instant Cash Wire Transfers to pay for an Item/Auction!! There is no recourse if the item is not delivered as promised, even if you used your credit/debit card to send the payment.
    Don't buy Gift card(s) from CL . Buy direct from store. If Gift cards can be used online. DON'T BUY IT!!!!!
    If using Ebay Auction Always check in My Messages.
    Buy Electronics such as laptops, cameras, mp3 palyers, video game systems, gps units in store only.

    There is no Seller Protection for items sent outside the USA, Canada, and the UK.
    Do not accept PayPal from non-US accounts. Ship only to confirmed PayPal address if you are accepting PayPal.
    Do NOT ship outside the Continental United States. "I DO NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY"
    Don't ship to PO Boxes.
    Never use Paypal for an item being PICKED UP. You are not COVERED at all. They will then have your item and the funds back. DO NOT send the refund until you have the item back in your hands and can confirm it is yours. I would be more concerned with using buyer's FedEx account. If you put your home/business address on the shipment, FedEx may come back to you to collect, if the real account owner later disputes that charge with FedEx. You may be the one on the hook for FedEx billing, including brokerage fees. Just make sure you don't use their UPS or Fedex shipping account.
    When buying Gift card(s) Pay only through PayPal.
    buy local. If seller is not local It may be a scam.
    Do business only with people whose identity you can verify.

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    Jan 2006


    It is supposed to be the German Lotto in the Netherlands? :) :) :)

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    Phoenix Collection/Passport to Fun Scam

    For those of you who don't know, PHOENIX COLLECTION is a catalog with really neat mystical products in it. Well, they are evidently partnered somehow with something called PASSPORT TO FUN.....yeah, real fun when they deduct money from your checking account without your authorization. Here's my story (short version) One day last week, I was looking at my checking account and realized that $9.95 was deducted from it for something called PASSPORT TO FUN. I called the number attached to it and they informed me that when I ordered a product from PHOENIX COLLECTION a month ago, I was automatically signed up for a 30-day trial of this PASSPORT TO FUN program, which is supposedly some program where you get great deals on restaurants, etc. The deal was, if I didn't cancel my membership within 30 days, they charged my debit card. I received nothing about one told me when I ordered, nothing is posted on their site, and nothing came with my product about this, so of course, after 30 days, I was charged for this thing that I don't have. How am I to cancel if I have no clue?? They promised that they would refund it to my account, but I haven't seen it happen yet!! Be careful when ordering with a debit card, it's apparently an open door for scammers!!!!

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    I previously posted a scam about Phoenix Collection and Passport to Fun....I just realized that I am stupid and was totally thinking Phoenix, not Pyramid...Anyway, it is The Pyramid Collection!

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    Jul 2006

    New to the community, but I have spent hours reading these great threads and wanted to post one of my own. Didn't know whether to post this here or in corporate, so I'll try both.

    We have been royally ripped off by IKON Office Solutions, Inc. in Northern Virginia. We are a Mom & Pop company that does direct mail advertising and did small scale printing for some clients. We decided to get a color document center so we didn't have to outsource that part of our business and begin charging for color copies etc.

    Long story short, we were leased a copier that starts breaking down after about 75 copies, eats paper, blurs images, etc. We tried dozens of times to get IKON to fix the problem until finally their customer service manager told us that we "just didn't have the right copier for our needs." We were told they would work up a new quote... eight months later and with a lot of complaining to corporate, big surprise they wanted us to spend more money and extend our lease for another machine! Forget it.

    The best part is, they expect you to pay for the machine while it sits in your office broken for weeks at a time!

    We have even tried reporting them to the local BBB and they never responded to them either.

    We started a website called in an attempt to find out some other stories and have gotten some great repsonses. Maybe even get IKON to notice the small businesses they are ripping off and hope that large companies take notice before signing with them.

    We are interested to hear from other who have dealt with IKON or other leasing companies with success.


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    watch our for Celebrity Foods

    This is a letter I wrote to ftc, I am a former employee of Celebrity Foods

    they are primarily a West Coast company, formerly called Celebrity Prime Foods or Celebrity Foods of Colorado

    Hello, my name is -------- and I worked for Celebrity Foods for a little more than 2 months. I wanted to report some bad business practices I witnessed while working for them. Celebrity Foods is a Food home delivery service that also sells freezers. They claim the food is of higher quality than at the store.

    -The company sells a freezer for 2300 that I've seen on the web and E-bay for 400-600. Thats not the worst part however. They tell the customers that it comes with a lifetime warranty when actually it only lasts for as long as you order Celebrities food services. I was instructed to lie about this. They are also led to beleive that they will get the freezer for free over time because they get a discount off their food for ordering the freezer. This is not true either.

    -Customers being lied to about the price of everything, Celebrity will tell them that the food costs the same as a grocery store when it is in fact 4-10 times the regular cost. Ground beef is $10.00 a lb, the customer is never told this, they are simply shown a deceptive diagram that shows their whole family being fed for half the cost they are currently spending. There is a link at the bottom of this letter that explains this better than I can.

    -To hide the price of the food the salesperson is instructed to go through a sales process which converts money to a point system which is combined with sleight of hand to trick customers. While they are looking at a book of products you hand them, you are in fact figuring out how much the company will charge them. You then pretend to add up the price later while you knew it all along. This keeps customers from knowing the true price per pound of the meat and vegetables and you can show them a diagram that shows their whole family being fed for half of what they are currently spending. Most people come to trust the perfessional looking salesperson so much that they dont even add things up, other who try get confused by the salespersons point system and prewritten answers to common questions designed to deceive the customer and make them think they are getting a good deal. The Salesperson is instructed to not make the deal sound too good to be true also.

    -Whenever anyone asks the price of the food we were instructed to avoid the question with several prewritten scripts designed to dodge the question.

    -Customers are locked into a 6 month agreement to keep paying for the food. They usually figure out the true price in a couple days, The company sends them to collections and gets their money but the employee who sold to them is told that they don't get their money because the customer is refusing to pay. I discovered this the hard way, I made a total of 15 deals when I worked for them and I havent been paid for one.

    -They are all advised that by purchasing their merchandise their food bills will go down by 44%. They actually go up when the customer gets their bill.

    -They ignore all customer questions and complaints.

    -When I started working there I was told I would be payed twice of what I was actually paid per deal! They outright lied to me. I had to pay for all my own gas going to do sales presentations so I ended up being -400 since I started working there lol. If they would of at least paid me for the deals I made then maybe I would be ok.

    -They tell customers that if they don't like something they will replace it with any other item when in fact you can only get an item of equal value and you get NOTHING unless you reorder.

    -When they call they identify themselves as representing, "Shelter for the Homless". After asking exactly what the relationship was by a supervisor I was informed that 4% of all proceeds went to the charity.

    These are only some of the things I have witnessed, i have done research on the company and found that they have been rippping off millions of people. Here are some of the things I've found while searching the net, I know whoever is reading this is probably very busy but these people are allowed to do whatever they want and I just want to see justice prevail!

    heres a forum with several complaints about the company:

    heres a good site that explains the true price of the food:

    heres a rip-off report someone made:

    I am willing to testify against this company as a former employee. I just can't stand the fact that they rip off big families who can barely afford to eat food at the normal price!

    Here are a few numbers I have that you can call if you have been ripped off by this company!

    celebrity foods tacoma washington office 1-888-472-0262
    Steve Williams(the district manager of Celebrity Foods) cell phone: 1-253-576-8245

    Company Owner Mike Gombaur(sorry about spelling) - 253 630 1087

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    The Classic Buyers Scam... Again

    Well okay so i am selling my mountain bike online and I get a response from some person with terrible grammar asking about buying the bike for an unmentioned third part.

    I think fair enough, just play along maybe the person doesn't want me to know that they are actually buying the bike. We keep conversing back and forth and things seem to being going well. One thing that struck me as unusual already was that he made a commitment to buy the bike even though he had not even seen a picture of it yet since I hadnít had a chance to take a photo of it.

    After a while the communications die and it seems like the person disappeared. I was emailing him evr other day saying that I hadnít received any payment for the bike and if he didnít get one to me by a set date that I would consider the deal to be cancelled.

    Well I go away for a long 4 day weekend this last week and upon arriving back at my home away from home there is an envelope for me.

    ** must add this note now, during this summer I have been working away from home, I had a mailing address for my temporary home but had only given it to this one person since I never had a need to give it out to anyone else.**

    The envelope had no return address and has a weird stamp on it that has the words "republique du benin" on it.

    I open the envelope and there isn't any letter in it explaining anything just a cheque. Not for the 1500 I was originally selling to this guy for but for 6500!! And it doesn't have anyoneís name on it, Just that itís from AGF Management Limited, and for some reason has Toronto-Dominion Bank in the middle of it as well. Has my name on it spelled correctly and everything.

    I decide that the correct action would be to contact the financial institute. I hunt down a contact number give them a jingle. The lady I speak with seems down right confused that I even received a cheque from them; she takes all the cheque information and says sheíll contact me once sheís found some information.

    I eventually get a call back from her only to find out that the cheque that I received doesnít exist, I donít exist in her system and that I should mail the cheque back to AGF so they can begin a fraud investigation. Wow, all this because I want to sell my bike online. Well I just thought that some people would find this update of my situation amusing, and take this as a warning about making sale arrangements with people you canít meet in person.

    And since then i sent him an email saying that i recieved a cheque for a larger amount than the bike and this is what i got back.

    Thanks for the email response about the payment received.

    The payment received covered the shipping cost of the bike from your location to my client place of residence in Spain.

    I will like you to go ahead and cash the check,Upon the receipts of the fund on your account,Further information and directives prior to the shippment will be given to you.

    I am awaiting your email soon so that we can conclude this transaction in the nick of time.


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    is buying from safe?

    hi i need to know if safe? it claims that it is cnet and mysimon certified and even gomez certified and dealtime..... but i am not sure if it's really safe can anyone tell me and maybe checkout the site thanks

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    Sep 2004


    When a scammer comes on the board, please don't use "quote" to reply to him/her/it. It makes banning and removing his/her/its posts too time consuming. Just PM one of the mods and let us know what's up, then sit back and enjoy the show!

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