This is for the same posters who come to this site and obsessively post over and over again the lying, opinionated, mindless rhetoric about 12dailypro.

Your ULTERIOR MOTIVES are clearly seen. No one is that
obsessed about perfect strangers being scammed.

Your rantings and ravings ARE NOT out of concern, but because you have a vendetta against 12dailypro, and 12dailypro only. It's obvious that you are ANGRY with them and I am going to state that this is because you were once members and were booted out for VIOLATING 12DP TERMS OF SERVICE.

You never, never bash other sites, which are clearly scams, ONLY 12dailypro.

Why??? What ARE YOUR REAL motives ?

There are plenty of "Paid To Read Email" sites which do NOT identify themselves on their websites in any way, shape or form, and do NOT pay people who do read their emails. I have personally contacted 2 people online about joining these PTR email sites, and asked them if they were ever paid. They both said NO. I have seen several websites where the admin stated that people continually email them stating that dozens of PTR email sites have NEVER paid their members.

12dailypro has helped numerous people to achieve an income that at one time they could only dream about.

How many people have been able to get off of welfare and foodstamps because of 12dailypro?

How many people have found the means to finally pay for house repairs, hell, pay their rent, get their car repaired, buy coats and sweaters and clothes for their children?

How many people now have the money to go to or back to college?

How many people have had to choose between gasoline, car insurance and food, and now can buy all three without suffering a severe financial shortage?

How many senior citizens now have the money for food and medicine, instead of money for food OR medicine??


Now you bashers who come here under the guise of wanting to "help people" to keep from being scammed (NOT), YOU show us one person on this forum who we can contact that can prove that they were CLEARLY RIPPED OFF from 12dailypro.

You really want to help people, then you need to EXPOSE the TRUE SCAMS, as I just have in this post.