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    Earthlink credit from onlinerewardcenter ???

    Hello.. I'm working on a gift from onlinerewardcenter.com (Its a Gibson SG Guitar)

    I signed up for 18 offers on Dec 12th. Earthlink (as well as My Daily Dose, MiracleBurn, and Longevity) have not moved from the Not Complete status.

    Is there anything special I have to do to fulfill the Earthlink dial-up option? I already subscribe to Earthlink DSL. I was billed for the dial-up service last week. I'm worried that they aren't going to credit me because I already have their DSL service.

    Screw that Urban Nutrition crap as well.... in my second tier of offers, PetChews completed almost instantly. In the third tier, Orexis completed the very next day. Why are My Daily Dose, MiracleBurn (2nd tier), and Longevity(3rd tier) taking so long?


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    Re: Earthlink credit from onlinerewardcenter ???

    Various offers (read: Urban Nutrition) tend to credit inconsistently for the NUI Tech web sites. You're probably going to have to go for manual credit four weeks after the date you signed up for your offers. Just give them a ring once four weeks have passed and tell them that you've waited four weeks and that certain offers still haven't credited. They'll tell you to fax proof of completion to them (confirmation e-mails should work fine). The last time I requested manual credit with NUI Tech, my gift redemption voucher was available within a few hours of when I faxed the confirmation e-mails. When you complete a web site that requires a large number of offers, manual credit almost always goes with the territory.


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    Re: Earthlink credit from onlinerewardcenter ???

    Thanks for the informative reply!
    Anyone else going for the Gibson SG Guitar? I haven't heard anyone talk about it on this site.

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    karkaliga Guest

    Re: Earthlink credit from onlinerewardcenter ???

    пендосы в Бабруйск все нах, ублюдки и ахтунги!

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    Re: Earthlink credit from onlinerewardcenter ???

    this is another matter entirely, but I was with a "free" internet service provider that started charging fees, ACCESS4FREE, I quit them as their service was crummy. THEY SOLD THEIR COMPANY & FORMER CUSTOMERS list to Earthlink, which began debiting my acct. Called them, was put on hold, e-mailed them (not acknowledged) etc, after months I got through to them and they were very patronizing and condescending, we're sorry you FEEL that way... it wasn't HOW I FELT, it's their scamming me for services not rendered against my will. By the time I identified which debit was coming from which account, my card had to be replaced anyway.

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