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    Re: Uh oh... ponzi scam cheerleaders starting to BAIL OUT! LOL! By Cito...

    Hi everyone,

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    Re: Uh oh... ponzi scam cheerleaders starting to BAIL OUT! LOL! By Cit

    Quote Originally Posted by cito
    Yeah, I made a ton of money on the stocks before it crashed, hell yeah. But it is a legal way to do it lose or win it. Ponzies are not regulated, stock market is and protects investors from fake TOS (like 12dailypro ponzi scam) and a bunch of other legalities unlike ponzies where the crook owner can get away with everything.

    Also, the stock market doesn't run to a secret island with millions of dollars from scammed people! That's what you fail to understand. Stock Market is legal and you can't compare it with a ponzi scam.

    I understand you are a moron and an elementary school dropout who wouldn't recognize a T-bone unless spanky shoves your head far up inside a butcher's ass but ignorance of the law is not a valid excuse. Ponzies are illegal.
    well i guess the stock market WASN"T ALWAY"S the "LEGAL" safe sounding ENTITY you are SO PROUD OF NOW!!hehe!!remember the gold rush of 49!!was law and order the rule of the day!?hehe!!but thanks for confirming my statements about your greed and why you are chicken to join!!who says your economic "model" will survive!?why should it!!?that idiot CEO on the NY stock exchange who couln't even spell missisippi if his life depended on it got millions just for settin in a chair and smokin a cigar!!IF THAT"S WHO YOU WORSHIP then i feel sorry for you!!but lighten up anyway!/what the hell are you afraid of!?nobody died over loosin a dollar.NO!!they just became raving lunatics!!just like me and you!?hehe!?i just came up with a new catch phrase...........cito the mosquito!!hehe!!swat!!swat!!hehe!!

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