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    Re: Are we seeing the end of the Black Race?

    Quote Originally Posted by RegulationE
    We would of course turn our attention to Fat, Skiny, Tall, Short, Bald, Hairy, or otherwise visibly different then those "like us" and form organizations such as the NAFATP - National Association for the Advancement of Tall People.

    What happens to people like me who are Tall, Fat, Bald, and Hairy UGGHHH I will have to start an organization....or lose weight, shave my arms, and cut off my legs!!!!!!

    Or maybe we could just get along?

    Now the Star-Belly Sneetches
    Had bellies with stars.
    The Plain-Belly Sneetches
    Had none upon thars.

    Those stars weren't so big. They were really so small.
    You might think such a thing wouldn't matter at all.



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    Re: Are we seeing the end of the Black Race?

    Quote Originally Posted by pwrone
    According to any statistical model one would care to cite, it is the 'white' (or european) race that will be disappearing long before the others. This is due mainly to the fact that whites are generally more...thoughtful, shall we say? about having children. So they don't. And they disappear. Simple.

    wow......that is the most tear jerking explanation for not gettin any i ever heard from a white man!!and in your case we can only hope it is prophetic!?gawd i am a mean tempered A S S!?hehe!!
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    Re: Are we seeing the end of the Black Race?

    Quote Originally Posted by Worried_in_the_USA
    I just spent 6 weeks in a Mall playing Santa, I saw more bi-racial children than black children. I was totaly amazed at the number of white woman with bi-racial children. If this is common through out the United States, how long can the Black race survive. I have read reports saying that Africa is so infested with aids that it will not be able to sustain the Black race beyond 50 years. When I asked a Black man about this, he responded "why would anyone want to have sex with a black woman, there all ugly"

    Any thoughts?
    thinking sucks..thought sucks!!get over it!!all worry comes from THINKING!!do you suppose you are supposed to THINK!?small town people dont think!?do they!!what big city!!we are in the same neigborhood!!(small world)huh!mild winter so far!?hehe!!

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