I wasn't allow to email the site staff so I've put it here, then I found the link to the president,but I want to share it
I was visiting your site when I saw an ad about real home jobs that make money, I also saw an ad that says, become a millionaire is only 15 minutes, the links are below, I want to know if you review and ask about these ads before posting them, because when someone see it on a scam revealing site he may trust it
Merry Christmas and happy New Year
may God bless you with a wonderful year of joy and prosper

I didn't find the ad to that real home jobs, but the page was like this:
There's a picture for a woman sitting)she was sitting like she's on a desk)she was saying like she is some one with an experience and knowledge ,I think she said she's a professor I don't remember (IF I FOUND THE AD I WILL EMAIL YOU)she was telling how many times she got ripped off but finally she found some honest sites and recommended 2 sites: I don't remember the second site the first site is www.3500weekly.com I visited the site, I kind of trusted that woman and the woman in the site she was so self confedent,she has a picture in the site taken from the (small business opportunities magazine)that's what she said, I emailed the magazine, I'm waiting for a reply.
So I want to know what's the story, is every money ad in your site real, if you didn't check it why you allow the ad, you are supposed to be a scam site