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    umdkook Guest

    B Thankful Indeed

    that you do not have the mind of Pwrone, the mind of a rabid Bush fan who scours the internet looking for anti-liberal material to smash them with.

    be thankful you dont have a little dick like pwrone, and that your own pathetic life does not consist of hatred for your own countrymen.

    be thankful you do not **** on ur own doorstep like pwrone.

    be thankful your gerbil stays in its cage, not in ur ass like pwrone's.

    be thankgul indeed...

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    Re: B Thankful Indeed

    Interesting......wonder where this is going?

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    Re: B Thankful Indeed

    Goodbye kook!

    Sorry to see you go!

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    umdkook Guest

    Re: B Thankful Indeed

    jah me too----later!

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    Re: B Thankful Indeed

    hahaha. That's pretty funny. I wonder if pwrone will respond when he gets back ?? :D

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    umdkook Guest

    Re: B Thankful Indeed

    lemme guess, hes investigatin fox news for democratic contributions and kickbacks

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