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    Newport Corp/Robert Soloway

    Hello All,

    Be Warned! This company which is owned by Robert Soloway is a spamming company and a scam that tries to get people and small companies to pay for him to send out email ads to millions of email addresses.

    I have a small business so when I got one of his emails telling me that I could reach 2.5 million customers for $149.00 I began to search the internet to see what I could find out about this company. Well, everything I found was BAD! He has been sued several times for millions of dollars and lost. Even Microsoft has gone after him. Here are some links to the court documents...

    Document One

    Document Two

    This is the company's address: Newport Corp, Box 1259, Seattle, WA 98111, USA.

    His recent email is titled: Click to Advertise Your Site to 3,000,000 Internet Users...in 7 Days!

    I have received several of these emails and the Internet User number changes but everything else says the same.

    I would not get involved with anything that this guy is doing! Good Luck.

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    Re: Newport Corp/Robert Soloway

    Robert Soloway is a WELL KNOWN criminal spammer:

    A simple search on his name alone in google would have shown him to a be a criminal (yes he is a criminal. He has been convicted of spamming, which is illegal under the CAN SPAM law.)

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