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    ConsumerIncentivePromotions.com - reviews or comments?

    Hello all,

    I'm new to this whole reward site thing and I wanted to get a little feedback before venturing into all of it. I decided to go with this site for a free laptop: http://www.consumerincentivepromoti.../rd_p?&p=100729

    I found it through the Nuitech thread here on this site so I'm guessing some people here have had some experience with this site? If not, hopefully I'll be reporting my results with this company here not to far down the road. They require 10 offers for the laptop which at first seemed like a lot but after refunds isn't so much, although I'm positive it was less at some point. Here are the offers I have chosen:

    Page 3:

    Earthlink Dialup - $9.95 per month (Cancel after credit, not sure on refund)

    Work-From-Home - $48.95(incl ship; $39.95 refund for 90 days)

    Longevity - $51 (30 day $44.95 refund)

    Orexis - $57.94 (30 day 51.95 refund)

    SouthBeach Diet - $65 ($45 refund anytime)

    DirecTV - $19.95 - ($19.95 refund mail-in rebate)

    Page 2:

    AOL Free 30 day trial - no fee

    AOL Music 30 day free trial - no fee

    Page 1:

    BlockBuster Online 2 week trial - no fee
    Citi Credit Monitoring 30 day trial - no fee

    Upfront cost: $252.79
    Cost After Refunds: $50.89

    So overall, everything looks pretty easy to handle with the exception of the DirecTV. I don't want to go through installation and everything so hopefully it will credit fast and I can cancel (and hopefully get refunded w/o having to deal with rebates?) before they come to install. Anybody dealt with DirecTV before?

    I'm thinking of just buying one of those prepaid credit cards to do all this, but I am not sure of how to get my cash back on that deal; anyone know if I can get cashback on that?

    So if anyone is currently involved or has been involved with ConsumerIncentivePromotion, how did it go? Most likely I'll be going through with this deal so I'll let everyone know how things go for me. Til then...

    Happy !
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    Re: ConsumerIncentivePromotions.com - reviews or comments?

    your link doesn't work.

    most of the comments about this site are mixed in this thread here

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    Re: ConsumerIncentivePromotions.com - reviews or comments?

    Yes, very legitimate. There have been numerous threads about this company on this forum, just search. I , myself had an excellent experience with this company.

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