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    Sunrider health scam

    Well, we had high hopes for this company at one time. The company talks about the use of herbal ingredients and the high quality of the ingredients. The majority is grown in Taiwan, without the use of pesticides etc.. and they do not use American herbs due to the soil depletion issue.

    Recently, we started seeing another side to this business. They have a few great products, but we ordered some products which are not boasting very nice "other" ingredients. For example; the catalog will talk only about the herbal ingredients in a product. Nothing is mentioned about the "other" ingredients that will be listed on the label once you receive the product. BUt then again, once you listen to what the rep tells you about the products, and you read in their catalog about the ingredients, how many people are going to bother looking at the bottle once it arrives ?? Not too many. Most people don't even bother to look at what is even listed for ingredients in the catalogs.

    Anyway, here are my "bones of contention". Ingredients that should not be used by a health and wellness company, in my opinion.

    Sorbitol- everyone always says it is a natural source. Sure it is. So is sugar. Isn't sugar bad for us in excessive quantities ? Sorbitol is increasingly being used in gums, toothpastes, foods, drinks, and others. Isn't that excessive ? We haven't really learned from the excessive use of sugar. And while I would go to say that Sorbitol is a "lesser evil" than sucralose, or aspartame, it should be avoided when possible. I would even dare say that even sugar would be a lesser evil than sorbitol. Just my opinion. Neither is best case scenario.

    During its transition from a berry or fruit to Sorbitol, it actually becomes an alcohol. Not exactly the epitomy of a health product. This also goes for xylitol, mannitol, and maltitol. There are more coming out as well. Most all have a natural source, but are transformed into an alcohol of some sort. Much like Vodka. Taking potatoes originally and turning it into Vodka. So we could in essence say we can add vodka to our toothpastes and whatever else desired.

    Titanium Dioxide- according to Samuel Epstein, chairman of the Prevention of cancer coalition, it is a carcinogenic substance. Even more so now that they make it even finer than it used to be manufactured.

    Here is the ingredients listing from the Sunrider laundry detergent. Like Melaleuca, Sunrider has this "more concentrated" ploy. This just to justify spending $50 on their chemical concoction. I was very disappointed, but not surprised that they would have some of these ingredients, but I never would have guessed that a company who so strongly believes in herbal ingredients would have only four in their laundry detergent composition.
    I have only highlighted the ones I am familiar with and will post dictionary definitions below.

    Sunbright Laundry Superclean

    Triethanolamine dodecyl Benzene sulfonate
    Sodium Methyl 2-sulfonate
    Ethanol denatured 95% (alcohol)
    Cocamide DEA (diethanolamine)
    Citric acid
    Nonylphenol Ethoxylate
    Propylene Glycol Butyl Ether
    Sodium citrate
    Benzoin extract
    Lemon Grass extract
    Lemon Grass oil
    Tea tree oil
    Disodium distyrybiphenyl derivative
    protease enzyme

    Notice that the good ingredients other than water are within the last 6 listed ? They don't contribute a significant percentage of the composition.

    This doesn't strike me as strictly "herbal". Plus, they obviously use synthetic fragrance, as we had to wrap it in a bag and put it elsewhere where my wife wouldn't get a headache from it. I am not overly sensitive myself, and it started to bother me after 10 minutes or so being in the same vicinity with it.

    Anytime you see "fragrance" listed on something, that one ingredient alone can be 41 or even 300 different chemicals; just under 1 listing. This is why more people are becoming sensitive to perfumes/colognes etc...

    propyl- a univalent organic radical with composition C3H7, obtained from propane (ANYTHING that starts with propyl) propylene is stated as a flammable gas derived from petroleum hydrocarbon cracking.

    Butyl- a hydrocarbon radical C4H9 with the structure of butane and valence 1

    Butane- Either of two isomers of a gaseous hydrocarbon C4H10, produced synthetically from petroleum and used as a household fule, refrigerant, and aerosol propellant, and in manufacturing sythetic rubber.

    Benzene- A clear, colorless, highly refractive flammable liqiud, C6H6, derived from petroleum and used in the manufacture of chemical products such as DDT, detergents, insecticides, and motor fuels.

    Ether- A volatile, highly flammable liquid, C4H10O, derived from the distillation of ethyl alcohol with sulfuric acid and used chiefly in industry and as an anesthetic.

    Triethanolamine and diethanolamine, are listed as carcinogenic, according to Samuel Epstein. See book "Unreasonable Risk" for more details. These are used mostly to give a product that more "concentrated" effect. They are a danger as they mingle with other chemicals to form nitrosamines as well, which can cause cancer.

    As you see, there are a few that I am not familiar with either. But the majority of this product is derived from some petroleum source. This product, in essence, is no better than the mainstream ones. Putting a little lemon grass extract or lemon grass oil and tea tree oil in it, is not going to make it safe for a person. When you wash your clothes, those chemicals are in your clothes, towels, bedsheets etc etc. When you wear those clothes all day long, the chemicals are absorbed into the skin.

    So I see this, as well as some other products, as unsafe for use. Like the mainstream companies are allowed to get away with it, so do the MLM companies. Sunrider still has a few good products, but this info casts a big shadow over the good. It really makes me wonder how they can charge $50 for this chemical junk. It would only cost me $7-9 for a large jug of mainstream stuff. Not that I would buy it either, but just to compare chemicals to chemicals. It also makes me wonder if they are truly honest about everything else as well.
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    Re: Sunrider health scam

    Wow! I had never heard of that particular company before. It amazes me that people who feel they're extremely health conscious are ingesting diet sodas, margarine, regular "home grown" milk. . . UGH! And of course, when those of us who are nutritionally sound earnestly try to explain the relevance of the problems that can/will be caused by ingesting these things, they think we're all blowing them a line of some sort. Everyone is so conditioned to latch onto the govt's food "pyramid", the doctor's advice (when, by the way, 99% of them don't know the first thing about nutrition), and their piers (who usually don't know anything either). My goal is to teach everyone who chooses, how to live a healthy life! So many want a pill to cure whatever they've got. They want the quick and easy. But familiarizing ourselves with those ingredients mentioned above, among a whole list of others not even listed, are one of the first steps to achieving a healthy lifestyle. We need to know what should and shouldn't be going into our bodies (unless of course we don't care whether or not we get cancer, fybromyalgia, diabetes etc). Thanks for the info Rawb!

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    Re: Sunrider health scam

    That is such great information! Thanks for posting this Rawb. My cousin was the one who first convinced me to pay attention to the actual ingredients on the label instead of the nutrition facts. When I was looking for a MLM company, there was only one vitamin company that I'd found that would actually post the ingredient list on the public websites... and that's the company I chose to join.
    I do not believe that MLM/Network Marketing is a bad business model. I believe it's the shady people in MLM that make it LOOK bad. As long as you work hard, run your business ethically, and work with ethical people, then MLM can help you reach your financial goals... whether it's just to make extra money on the side or a full-time income.

    "Never argue with an idiot. They just drag you down to their level and beat you with years of experience."

    Pink Zebra Sprinkles

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    Re: Sunrider health scam


    Just out of curiosity, are you ammish?

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    Re: Sunrider health scam

    Quote Originally Posted by Samael

    Just out of curiosity, are you ammish?
    Nope. I am a regular guy who was raised to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and however much I wanted. Much the same with many of us. I gorged my face with chocolate and junk foods, drank very little water (cause the stuff that was available tasted like crap) and other than that, went about life like many others, eating much like everyone in America does. Dairy, meats, white flour etc..I think one factor that helped save me from serious health consequences was my weightlifting and hockey activities. Many times, lots of exercise can keep us sustained for awhile, as it helps the body rid itself of toxins. As best it can without being flushed with water, I may add.

    During my late teens, I realized that whenever I got a headache, the stupid Tylenol never worked. Even three or more extra strength did nothing. So I developed the attitude, why bother taking any at all ? If they don't do what they say they are supposed to do. So I have had very little pharmaceutical drugs, never smoked, never did ANY street drugs, and have consumed very little alcohol. When I started attending church a couple years later, I started looking into the health side of things more. I noticed that even church members were ignorant of the health issues that God has so graciously given us. They also seem to be willing to ignore and save themselves from impending disease. God's way is really simple. And the benefits really are amazing.

    I think that is why I have a problem with any company trying to market "health" products that we seem so eager to grab up. It still isn't teaching the very basic, and simple ways we can easily do to achieve health, without spending massive amounts of money on products that have been altered from their natural state.

    I find it interesting that a lot of these companies use the term "soil depletion" as a reason why their products are superior.

    But think about this; Where do these companies get THEIR vegetation from ? What soils are they using ? IS there any pesticides used on their plants which they use to derive their ingredients from ? These questions need to be asked. Pesticide free produce. Not only are you at risk from pesticides, if the company in question uses them, you are also missing vitality from the natural state of the produce in the first place when companies "derive" their ingredients from something natural. It really goes against what God intended for us to eat. It is much like we are saying, we know better and we have made for ourselves better food to consume. But I believe God knows us better than we now ourselves.

    Another thought I had lately; How is it that cows and horses grow big and muscular just from eating the same plot of grass year after year ? They don't appear to be suffering from soil depletion. How about all of the trees and plants around us ? I don't see them withering away from lack of minerals and such. Reflecting on those thoughts, leads me to form an opinion that many companies are just using that soil depletion method to sell their products to people. Now I am not saying it isn't true about soil depletion, I am merely saying that there WILL be businesses that will take advantage of this situation to sell more to unknowing people.

    Anyhow, here's an illustration; take the Bible story about Daniel and his friends refusing to eat the King's food, because it contained abominations like pork and alcohol, which they said they could not defile their bodies with. So in ten days, they proved that God's way was the better way, by eating only vegetables and drinking only water. The young men who ate the King's food were not as healthy looking or sharp as Daniel and his friends.

    I see this as a parallel comparing eating the food of the world, to the food that God has provided for us. If we eat the way God wants us to eat, we will be blessed for it. Of course, if a person can grow their own, and one doesn't need a lot of space to grow an abundant amount of food, they will be all the better. God Himself has said if we follow His laws, He will keep us free from ALL disease. Now I will need to find that Bible verse so I can quote it.

    So Samael, now you know a little more about me. It was only ten years ago that I embarked on learning more about health, but it was this last year where I really took off, free from distractions. I am forever more, zeroing in on what I should be doing to help others learn how to help themselves, by becoming self sufficient. Free from the companies that basically want the people to be dependent on them for their food, or health for that matter.

    If we went back to doing what people in America did during WWII, which was planting so called "Victory gardens", we wouldn't be so dependent on the food suppliers today. And much healthier as well. But since it isn't, more people need to realize that they need to make changes in order to overcome disease and sickness. If they don't, disease will overcome them. It all falls on our shoulders because, the medical field isn't exactly giving us hope. The answer starts with ourselves.

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    Re: Sunrider health scam

    Do you have any spccific info on other sunrider ingredients that aren't healthy-like in the foods? I tried to take the joint capsules they have only to discover they were mostly willow bark-which is like a natural aspirin substance-but still caused severe ringing in the ears. Also tried their metabooster-a new product- and it was mostly niacin which didn't agree with me and I don't think niacin is that good for you to overdo it. I do use the nuplus and the basic stuff and I know my husband and I haven't had a cold in 2 years. However, I do wonder if the products are so perfect, why do they sell suppliments also? Seems you'd be getting all you need in that. Also, I think most of the suppliments are terrifically expensive. You buy 100 pills for $50 only to discover it says "take 10 a day." They do want you to get out and sell it to support your own useage.

    Anyone else out there have experience with Sunrider?

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    Re: Sunrider health scam

    wake up people they are an mlm co they are not interested in your health only on how much they can make jumping on the natural health band wagon. the stuff they sell is probably made by a drug co. get your stuff at a privately owned health food store run by people that know what they are talking about thats how they stay in business.

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    Re: Sunrider health scam

    They are very expensive. The Nuplus was a good product as well as the teas, Quinary, Ese, and Evergreen.

    I found their veggie rinse to be a questionable product, as there is no ingredient listing and the scent of the product smells like chemicals to me. Synthetic no-no in my book. We threw it out as it doesn't even serve as an ingredients listing for me.

    I haven't had the priviledge to look at their personal care product ingredients as I no longer trust them to be synthetic/petro-chemical free after purchasing their laundry soap and veggie rinse.

    The deceitful thing about this company is that they don't list all ingredients in their catalog. We fell to buying a couple of products thinking they were good based on the info provided in the catalog. When we received the products, we then saw the "other" ingredients listed on the bottles.

    Now think about this;
    -a rep doesn't tell you about the "other" ingredients
    -the catalog doesn't reveal to you the "other" ingredients
    what are the chances you will look at the bottle once it arrives? What would most people do? My guess is they just start taking/using the product without a second thought.

    The catalog touts all of the benefits and the herbal ingredients in the products without mentioning the other constituents of the composition. That is misleading.

    So because of that obvious tactic, the ingredients I found on products we bought, and the effects from using some of those products, I deem this company untrustworthy.

    Now, the list of products at the beginning of this post are good to my knowledge. Sunrider does have some good products, but we have since replaced them with other products which are just as good, if not better, and are more economical as well.

    Now some stranger things I wanted to point out with regards to the behavior of a select few in this company.
    Some people get so extreme that they do not eat any other foods but Sunrider foods. They have been convinced that these products are so high end, that they no longer eat anything else. Now that means no fresh produce or anything. Looking over the Sunrider menu would make me depressed if that was the only things available to eat. Dry foods, nothing fresh. Blech!

    The other thing was the claim of a rep that Sunrider's herbs were even higher than certified organic, which is laughable. There is no third party overseeing anything coming out of Sunrider's company. Just another company tooting its own horn, and finding people that will only take their word for things. In other words, their truth is the only truth. It isn't right at all.

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    Re: Sunrider health scam

    Rawb--What did you replace the "few good" products with? Please share this info. Thanks :)

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    Re: Sunrider health scam

    Sunrider! You are right Brazilio, they are a MLM company that sells overpriced crap that you can buy at any health food, Trader Joes, Whole foods, you name it. Rawb, now that you see what they are all about dont buy their products. It is as easy as that.
    There will be people who will still buy their stuff and get suckered into their MLM scam but it does not have to be you. Heck we all get duped from time to time but the wise thing is to just walk away.
    Think about it if there is one thing that this country has is food products. We have everything you need and can imagine and at good prices if you shop around. I recently went to the green market and found organic tomatoes cheaper than at the supermarket. Now dont tell me that what Sunrider sells can make up for what you get at the green market.
    Here is my advice to all you Sunriders: get a scale and keep your meat portions under 4 ounces, eat plenty of fruits/vegetables (practically as much as you want), limit your carbs and take a walk for 20 minutes a day(in addition to the walking you already do). If you get in the habit of following this general guideline, you will put outfits like Sunrider out of commission.

    TAIWANESE supplements!!! Oh my god, does that sound stupid or what? Imagine if you went to Italy or France and told them that they need to buy Taiwanese supplements because of the fertile land in Taiwan. Boy would you get laughed out of the country.
    I guess Sunrider just hits a nerve with the American public by pushing the right buttons: the need for money and healthier nutrition. Lets face it with a 60% obesity rate and being we are a capitalist society, when they say: 'do you want to make money and lose weight at the same time,' people go for it. Sunriders new distribution facility is down the block from me. The court yard of this place is the size of a football field. They are huge and growing.

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    Re: Sunrider health scam

    Quote Originally Posted by Istok
    Sunriders new distribution facility is down the block from me. The court yard of this place is the size of a football field. They are huge and growing.
    The court yard has to be huge to make room for all the slavering sheeple on their way to the Sunrider abattoir. Of course, all enebriated with the latest "Taiwanese supplements"...LOL...

    It's unfortunate that so many are living with severe oxygen deprivation from willful asphyxiation, I reckon due to their heads lodged up in their rectal cavity for too lengthy a duration.
    franKg - "Since God was ok with Moses, Joshua and David burning cities to the ground and killing all the civilians I think he would be ok with us splashing a little water on some terrorists."

    Dr poormouth - "Exackly;
    It's not "waterboarding", it's "extraordinary baptism""

    Quote Originally Posted by carlbenator
    As discussed in a previous thread, this IRRATIONAL HATRED for the Jews and their RIGHT to SURVIVE is one of the many PROOFS of a God, AND a Devil.

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    Re: Sunrider health scam

    Does anyone have any recent experience with Sunrider products? They say their products are now from plants and herbs grown in California and not China. As well, does anyone know the background of cultural expertise of the originator of Sunrider?

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    Re: Sunrider health scam

    Lets see, Fraud, Racketeering, etc

    Take a look


    Its an MLM scam

    Might as well have a cigarette ( if you know what I mean )

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    Re: Sunrider health scam

    Here are my thoughts:

    * Many of these criticisms are valid, but that doesn't mean all or even most of the products are bad, or not worth the price.

    * Questions raised about ingredients in detergent and cosmetics are valid. I do not use these products, but use the teas and some of the high-quality herbal supplements I do use. And I am an ingredient nerd. I research everything.

    * Here's one reason they "toot their own horn" and have such high price tags: anyone familiar with this study: Many Herbal Supplements Aren't What the Label Says http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2015...tion.html?_r=0.

    Many generic and brand name supplements were tested, and were fount to not even contain much or *any* of the listed ingredients! Think about that. The brands that carry these supplements have little to no connection to the actual herbal ingredients, they do not source their own herbs, it all goes through so many middle men and processing centers, that they themselves don't really know what's in the bottles. Now consider that next time you want to pick up some cheap supplement at Whole Foods or Trader Joes.

    I can tell you that one thing that's true, absolutely undoubtedly true about Sunrider, is that they have a supremely close connection to their source, they import the herbs themselves, not through some third party, and they manufacture this stuff themselves in California, as mentioned.

    So, it is not all a scam. They have flaws and yes its a bit cultish, like all MLM, and some of the reps are not very reputable (no pun intended). Some weird history in their past regarding taxes and claims about the owner too.

    But even all that taken into consideration, their teas and herbal supplements are some of the best out there. Without a doubt.

    Another brand I recommend is NOW foods, I don't have a ton of information, but I think most of their stuff is very good.

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