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    KEVIN TRUDEAU... is he back? Violating Federal Rulings Against Him???

    It's late at night, and I just caught a new "snakeoil" sales pitch infomercials on televison, in which the advertisement is disguised as a talk show, where a guest by the name of "Scott Kennedy" is talking about all natural cures in the form of seaweed, to the common diseases which plague americans.

    What really struck me was the style and mannerisms in which this 'snakeoil salesman' conducted himself. The way he used his hands, and the way he shifted his eyes; even the way he talked reminded me of Kevin Trudeau- in more ways than one.

    Upon pulling up a photo of Kevin on the internet while I watched this "Scott Kennedy" infomercial, it became clear to me, that these are the same two people. The eyes and mouth of the two people are exactly the same. The difference with this "Scott Kennedy" character, is that he appears to be an older man, who is heavier, and more out of shape than Kevin Trudeau. This is nothing a little hollywood makeup can't create. His nose is different in shape and size, his cheeks are fatter, and his forehead has wrinkles, with a different style of hair, but is eyes(the dead giveaway) and his lower face/mouth are noticeably unaltered.

    I can honestly say, with 99% accuracy, that these two individuals are in fact the same exact person. If you watch both informercials, you will quickly pick up on the similarities between the two people, especially now, after I have just pointed out the similarities in their appearances and mannerisms; not to mention the very similar type of products, and same sales pitches used by Kevin Trudeau.

    Here is the product which "Scott KennedY" is selling- you can actually view a small video clip of the infomercial on the website.
    "Scott Kennedy"

    Here is Kevin Trudeau's website, with the products he sells. You can also view informercials starring him here. Take note of the similarities between Kevin and this "Scott Kennedy" character..:
    Kevin Trudeau

    I was under the impression that Kevin Trudeau was banned and prevented under federal law, from ever conducting infomercials selling products ever again(aside from publications-freedom of speech, which he recently weaseled his way around recently). If this is in fact him, which I am almost certain it is, he is violating the federal court rulings which were put in place against him.

    What are your thoughts here. Does anybody else notice any strinking similarities between these two TV personalities?

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    Re: KEVIN TRUDEAU... is he back? Violating Federal Rulings Against Him???

    I recently heared him on Mancow & he tried convincing us or drinking poroxide forsome bs. So he is a fraud???

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    Re: KEVIN TRUDEAU... is he back? Violating Federal Rulings Against Him???

    Kevin Trudeau has done time in the past for credit card fraud. A lot of the products he has sold in the past were of dubious value. If you look up his name in a search engine I think you will find plenty of questionable and fraudulent activity by him.

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    Re: KEVIN TRUDEAU... is he back? Violating Federal Rulings Against Him???

    I love Kevin, I think he's great. Of course he's pitching his products, he wants to make money. We all do. The medical industry, pharmaceutical companies, the food industry, and the F.D.A and F.T.C are the biggest scams on the planet. Kevin may have sold a few lousy books, or wrote a few bum checks, but he never hurt as many people as these greedy pigs have. Kevin talks openly about his wrong-doings, we all make mistakes. He can be a bit fanatical, and he can drone on and on sometimes, but he's damn right in a lot of things he talks about in my opinion.

    He's not selling "snake oil". Kevin explains that for a majority of ailments, complaints, disorders, and diseases, there is always a root to the problem. Usually something we are consuming, smoking, putting on our skin etc., is where the problem lies.

    Aluminum is a dangerous chemical, and it's the number one ingredient in deoderants. Your putting that on your skin, an organ that absorbs, right near the lymph nodes and the breasts. Flouride is toxic waste. It's a by product of production of some material. Regardless, it's too expensive to dispose of properly, so they dumped it in our water supply and told us it was good for our teeth. Flouride can be beneficial to teeth, but not to the rest of the body. It's not safe to ingest, period. Sunscreen is ridiculously dangerous to put on your skin. Look up the active ingredients in a commercial suncreen on Google and see what you find. Think about it. Your putting something on your skin that blocks the sun's rays, and is even times waterproof. I don't use any of those stupid lotions, creams, moisturizers, or sunscreen. The sun is healthy, and is needed to make Vitamin D in the body. Nobody should burn their skin, that's where problems arise. Obviously excessive exposure to anything is not good, but the sun is good for ME. And I do have remarkably beautiful skin. I don't ever use lotions, tanning creams, or any of that crap.

    Chlorine is a dangerous chemical! Chlorine bleach can eat holes through your laundry. Think your skin doesn't absorb it? Think again. Pools and hot tubs are LOADED with chlorine. Not to mention tap water! I don't even keep my fish in tap water, or give it to my parakeets!

    All those chemicals your spraying around your house, air freshners, deoderizers, carpet foams, your breathing those chemicals right in to your body.

    Anybody on here own small birds, or even a Macaw? If you do, your probably well aware, or should be, non-stick pans are a no-no. The toxic fumes those chemicals give off EVERY time you use them can kill a small animal. They might not kill us, but I don't think they have any positive effects on us either....

    I used to visit a Doctor with numerous ailments. First was depression, so I got a prescription for Effexor XR. The Effexor made me lose my sex drive, so we added Wellbutrin. I couldn't sleep at night, so he gave me Klonopin for bed-time. Which made me groggy in the morning, so we added Provigil. I got ten times worse. Never felt worse in my life actually. I remembered a very straight forward exerpt from Kevin's book. STAY AWAY FROM PSYCHOLOGISTS. 70% of the people who visit them get worse. It stuck in the back of my head everytime I visited him, but I thought it might help me out. I gained thirty pounds as well.

    One day, I got so fed up, I stopped taking ALL OF IT. Could have been disasterous, I know. It got pretty hairy. The withdrawels from those medicines, I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I went back to Kevin's book and his website and researched. I also read one of Dr. Atkin's (who is another favorite of mine) vita-nutrient books and devised my own plan. Melatonin for sleep, 5-HTP, the precursor to seratonin for sleep and to boost production, and menthol nose clips for snoring. I bought an expensive form of St. John's wort as well. I felt better within a week, and now months later I'm back to my old self again. Furthermore, sun, sun, sun for depression. No fatigue because my sleep is great and back to normal. Snoring can disrupt one's sleep patterns and you can awake feeling unrested.

    Doctor was adament that I needed to go back on my "anti-malarial" that was being given to me for my "rheumatic disorder". Severe aches and pains all over my body, tender joints. One day my kidney's became so inflammed I couldn't sit back in my chair. I sat upright at my desk and did a Google search on "kidney pain". Low and behold, the almighty Splenda horror stories. I started using Splenda a few years ago, cause the FDA said it was "safe". RIGHT. I stopped eating Splenda after reading these testimonies and three days later my "rheumatic disorder" was gone. I told my Doctor and he shrugged at me. These kinds of things aren't related to diet, you know?

    I did a little research and realized Splenda's safety was never tested for human consumption. It was tested and approved because it did not cause dental decay. Of course it doesn't! It's not sugar, not anything close to sugar! It's GARBAGE! In my research I found, consumption of Splenda in lab rats caused 10% shrinkage of the thymus gland. The thymus gland controls your immune response. Rheumatic disorders are autoimmune disorders. Told my Doctor, but he said the thymus gland has no function after about eight years of age. RIGHT.

    I wouldn't step two feet in a hospital nowadays, or a clinic. Dentists too, those bastards. Filling your teeth full of mercury. Everytime I go to the dentist I go home, and two hours later a filling cracks. Cause of that stupid cleaning devide they insist on using. I didn't go to the dentist for FIVE years, had no problems. Did not have one cavity to speak of when I went in. Hygenist said the thin layer of plaque built up protected my teeth. Interesting? Maybe that's what nature intended! I didn't even want to have a cleaning, but because I was having a tooth pulled they had to do a cleaning and x-rays. Can't just have a tooth pulled nowadays! They wanted $2,000 to fix one tooth! Ever since, I do nothing but lose fillings and get more cavities.

    I dropped my health insurance too, it's a total outrage. I'm sorry, I've said enough. Off my soapbox. I respect EVERYBODY'S opinion, but I am on Kevin's side on a lot of issues.

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    Re: KEVIN TRUDEAU... is he back? Violating Federal Rulings Against Him???

    It's amazing how Kevin's a 2 time felon and still is able to become and stay a millionaire. I don't see anything great about him, the fact that he's a scam artist (a good one) and a slimeball. If anyone buys that piece of crap book stating that diseases can be cured, they're pretty stupid and should join him in a circle jerk.

    I label Kevin Trudeau right up there with Scott Peterson, Ted Bundy, and the Enron Losers, Skilling and Lay. Known as Killing and Slay.

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    Re: KEVIN TRUDEAU... is he back? Violating Federal Rulings Against Him???

    Gemini1983: Look at the bright side. We won't have to worry about over population. We will all be dead before the end of the week based on your "facts."

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