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Thread: is this a scam?

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    is this a scam?

    I am a mother of three and I am totally freaked out about this situation. In 2003, I was involved in a very minor auto accident in which I rear ended a car. I had mistakenly let my policy laps, so I wasnt technically insured at the time. The police officer never took a damage report as he could not see any damage to the vehicle that I hit. He never issued a ticket nor . Despite no damage to the car, the other driver insisted to be taken to the hospital to be checked out. We could not tell any injuries nor was she complaining. No ticket was issued and the other parties insurance adjuster came out and even inspected my car and said "that there was no damage to the other car." In 2005, I was issued a small claims summons to pay for $700 in car damage for this other drivers car. I was found guilty and was served with a judgement for the damage. (I have not paid it yet.) In court, this woman told the judge that the damage estimate for her car was $700 was for the bumper and repair of the paint..

    Today, I get a letter in the mail from the other's insurance company demanding payment for $1900 for an accident. And they even say that there are pending medical bills that they are coming after me for this lady's so-called injury. The insurance company told me that this is the amount that they paid their client for total damage to her car.

    My question is . . . is how can a party go to court and tell a judge the entire cost of the damage to her car was $700, and then two years later I get a bill for $1900 in which an insurance company says the paid to the insurer. Is she double dipping and commiting insurance fraud?

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    Re: is this a scam?

    could be.
    get a lawyer. NOW

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    Re: is this a scam?

    Pheonix - Two years is the time limit for filing a claim for "personal injury" where I live. I think it's pretty standard in North America. I was "served" two years to the day after a multi-car collision. I did have insurance but the accident was not my fault. I had to fight with my own insurance company not to pay out the nusiance claim. Why haven't you paid the "judgement". You probably should to show good faith. It seems very odd that her insurance company would send you a bill directly - It's not usually the way it is done - and the amount is small for a personal injury settlement. Is it a "Statement of Claim" that was served to you in person? I agree with wizywig - lawyer now.
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