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    Re: Litton Loan Predatory Lender

    Call NACA


    The deal with predatory lendors!

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    Re: Litton Loan Predatory Lender

    We filed a lawsuit against Litton Loan Servicing which is now pending in Federal District Court. I have never seen anything like these people. They out right lied to a US Magistrate Judge without flinching. Their carpetbagger lawyer told the judge that we had not made a mortgage payment in Five years!!. I am sitting there in the court room with copies of my cancelled checks. The audacity of this company is unbelievable. We started out trying to get a loan mod after our loan was sold to the vultures 4 years ago!! No matter how many times you send the documents they request you end up doing it over and over again. Sound familiar? These people are modern day horse thieves from Texas, except it's your house they are trying to steal. I have run out of money for lawyers and now must proceed "Pro Se". But these crooks are not going to steal my home of 15 years without a fight!

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