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    Leigh Oconnor Bad Landlord

    If you live in Saratoga Springs, or Greenfield Center NY Area be aware of Leigh OConnor and his wife Kimberly Oconnor, they are slum lords of the lowest order. Take your money then prevent you from moving into the premises.

    Oconnors also own a snow plowing buisness have no comments on that.

    They do have two pending law suits in Greenfield Town Court against them.:vader1::vader1:

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    Re: Leigh Oconnor Bad Landlord

    Leigh & Kimberly Oconnor also own S&L Contractors in Greenfield Center New York, after research, I have found that there have been two lawsuits involving poor workmanship on the part of S&L Contractors.
    The company adress is 930 Locust Grove Road Greenfield NY.
    email [email protected]:badass2:

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