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Thread: Cito

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    Give it up Son, it's like bringing a knife to a gun fight. You just don't have the brain power to defend yourself. Give it up, You loose.. face it. No one wants to hear your crap. No one likes you. No one ever will. Your a one nut knuckelhead with an extra large mouth and nowhere else to go. So be smart, shut up, keep the trap shut and if you have to spuew anything, (Please don't) have your boyfriend proof read it for you. "K" Thanks champ!


    Please don't make me, make you, look like any more of a fool than you already have.

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    Re: Cito

    i think he should devote more of his time to child pornography.........FIGHTING it i mean!!hehe!!should keep em busy, (or get him jailed!?)hehe!!

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    Re: Cito

    He's just a dumbass moron folks.

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