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    Ebay infomercial

    I saw one this morning, with dropshippers,can't remember the name, anyone know anything about this?

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    Re: Ebay infomercial

    dont bother trying to find out.
    dropshipping is a scam and will always be a scam:

    The scam runs like this:
    Basically, they want you to list EBay auctions UNDER YOUR username, and of course, in the process, be a dropshipper for you.

    That's the scam. They "dont get the" negative reputation because they are using "suckers" like you to receive the brunt of customer complaints when their items do not get to them.

    That's the whole thing behind this "scam'. They dont sully their reputation, and get to sucker you into getting bad/negative reps. So while you get complaints from your customers, you have to deal with them and wonder why they aren't shipping out the items for you.

    NOT worth it.

    Taken from:

    Drop Shipping Fantasies
    Drop shipping is the art of taking an otherwise unsellable
    $79.95 retail item of zero demand and then selling it to
    you for $39.95 so you can resell it in eBay for $19.50. For a
    mythical benefit of avoiding inventory costs.
    There are several obvious problems here. First, there are
    way too many fingers in the pie. Second, there is no way to
    meet the minimum 30:1 buy/ sell ratio that is demanded
    for any eBay success. Third, theres no obvious way you
    can add personal value over your many competitors.
    Fourth, if the stuff was any good, they wouldnt need your
    help flushing it. And fifth and finally, when the items are
    undelivered or slow delivered, or inadequate, it will be you
    who will get hung out to dry.
    Summing it all up
    Do not try to sell what is not yours.
    Note also that commercial trucking charges can end up
    utterly outrageous in certain rural areas of the country.
    Especially if no local pickup dock is available or when
    surcharged home delivery is requested. Or when trucking
    part of the drop shippers profit center, when palletized
    skidding is required, or if the wrong category is selected.
    is enormously difficult to get anything heavy delivered
    here to Thatcher by commercial truck for less than $800.00
    or so. Local shippers studiously avoid such business.

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    Re: Ebay infomercial

    They must have somehow forgot to put that in the infomercial
    Thanks for the info and not wasting my $40 bucks.

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