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    I am new to this forum. It looks great!

    Hi all,

    my name is Gerardas Norkus and I discovered this forum by analyzing my website's visitor logs. I don't know if a person who posted to this forum told good or bad things about my site (I couldn't locate the exact thread), but I can asure that my site is scam-free, and everyone who lives in the USA is welcome to visit it and make some extra cash (you can find a link in my sig).

    Here's something about me. I live in Lithuania and market my business on the Internet since 1997. I run several web sites, and the one that should be of interest to the visitors of this forum is Cash4Offers.com

    I read some posts on this forum and saw that some guys are glad that they received a gift for completing offers, however others say that these companies are all scams. What can I say? I don't know about other companies, but I always pay my members who complete offers.

    As the owner of a rewards website I can say that often members try to make fraudulent transactions using stolen credit cards. So, this is a big issue for rewards companies too.

    Well, let me know if you have any questions, I have a big experience with rewards sites. Ask any questions about my site, I will be glad to comment.


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    Re: I am new to this forum. It looks great!

    It's a good forum - learn from everyone and you will do well. Also know, your passions and knowledge are everything - not the internet programs you find online. Make money through yourself and have fun surfing the information. ScamBuster is the MAN by the way - listen to him

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