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    PT. Mirota Digital is ONE of SCAMMER

    :2gunsfiring_v1: PT. Mirota Digital is ONE of SCAMMER :judges:

    PT. Mirota Digital is ONE of SCAMMER from Indonesia in electronic,
    i have visit their address
    but i got FAKE address

    Contact Person: Haris Purnomo
    Company: PT. Mirota Digital
    Address: Jl. C. Simanjuntak No. 70 Lt. 2 D.I. Yogyakarta Indonesia
    Zip/Postal: 55223
    Telephone: 622746555520
    Website: www.mirotadigital.com

    they bought platinum member in some tradelist

    PT. Mirota Digital is a SCAM

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    Re: PT. Mirota Digital is ONE of SCAMMER

    Mitotadigital.com is a scam
    Do not send money.. I hope everyone reads. They are crooks and I hope they rot in hell.
    They also have another scam site bicyclespalace.com. Same people, same scam.
    The guy goes by Haris Purnomo on his emails. If you have any questions or doubts, you can email me personally at testlightst@yahoo.com

    They are a rip off.
    the western union info is:
    First Name : Wilson
    Last Name : Oktariandi
    Address : Jl. Merak , Tangkerang Tengah
    City : Pekanbaru
    State : RIAU
    Zip Code : 28281
    Country : INDONESIA

    the bank tranfer info is:
    Bank Cental Asia ( BCA )
    address: J L Jend. Sudirman Kav 22-23 Jakarta 12920, Wisma BCA
    account holder: Merhat Ersada
    swift: Cenaidja
    account # 8610041761

    these are other names he uses to help him scam people.
    David Baker
    1413 Fulton St.
    NY, 11216-2607
    United States
    Email: bkd4veb@aol.com
    Phone: +1-347-414-9647

    Joe Cooley
    263 Alfred St.
    NSW, 2060
    Email: j0e.cooley@hotmail.com
    Phone: +61-2-8003-4623

    William Yeargan
    174 Bolton Road
    M27 8QT
    United Kingdom
    Email: yearganw@yahoo.co.uk
    Phone: +44-1614-085523

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