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    Just got this email from RFP:

    Hi All,

    We have been informed that there is new rumours spreading that we have
    fled with the members funds. We cannot understand why some members would
    spread such untruths. Firstly,they are total lies and secondly they are
    certainly not helping the situation.

    We will repeat once more that we HAVE NOT run off with the members funds,
    NOR will we ever do so.To the people who are spreading these lies,please
    stop doing it right now.

    We have explained on numerous occasions that we are not going anywhere,we
    are GOING TO STAY HERE until this is fully sorted to everyones

    We have not sent out as much information lately as the situation has not
    changed much. We would love to be able to give you good news but
    unfortuantely we don't have it at present.

    We know we will get this sorted if we stick together on this but if
    everyone starts taking individuals routes to sort this, it will end up in

    We are in dialogue with the banks etc and we have remained diginifed with
    them through our this entire process. They have explained the situation
    that they are in and we have to accept that.

    We are working on solutions to resolve this and we will continue to do so .

    As soon as we have some new information, we will inform you immediately.

    Best Regards

    RFP Admin
    I'm somewhat amazed that they are still emailing their list.

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    May 2009

    Risk Free Profit Arbitrage-sports

    Wow, thought this thread was dead and gone. lol Did pretty well when Arbitrage-Sports.com first started, but when they opened pool option, they shot themselves in the foot and thankfully I got pay out on first pool, but when they didn't pay out anyone else, it died a slow death.

    Arbitrage-Sports is not new, but nothing is totally risk free, so choose your Arbitrage-Sports strategy carefully is my best advice. I still use strategy of leverage betting and it is a sound strategy, but I have had losses, just far fewer since using Arbitrage-Sports system.

    Success to all,

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    Risk free profit is a scam. The arbitrage software is always late for arbs-you are better off using betfair or matchmaker and finding your own arbs. The Risk Free Pool is a scam-I have $11000.00 owing from 3 years ago-apparently the American Tax department has it and will not release it!! Hundreds of emails to Risk Free Profit has got me nowhere. The owners of RFP have pocketed the lot as well as monies paid into the pool by around 30 people I know.
    There is more money to be made in raking bonuses from bookies and what I mentioned above. Be careful to use highly rated bookies only. Check sporting bet review.

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    Nov 2010


    Lies, nothing but lies.When will James dig into his own pocket and pay monies owing to the pool $11000 for me.RFP should be closed down-fraudulent bastards.

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    Dec 2011


    This has been confirmed since last year. It's indeed a scam.

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    Dec 2011


    This is weird. I just started to receive emails from them about an offer. Or am I the only one?

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