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    Re: Is Custom Super homes ok?

    Quote Originally Posted by sojustask View Post
    Why does an FBI agent have an advertising site for Custom Super Homes would be an interesting answer.

    I have several aquaintances in the program and I haven't followed it closely enough to say one way or another if it's a solid program or not. But I am curious, it's been around for 2 years, why only 4 houses built, one being in the roofing stage? How many are waiting to be built? This might give folks a better idea of how long their customers will have to wait before they can move in.

    I also thought this thing used to just be a referral program, when did it turn MLM? And how does one expect to make a lot of money with this as an MLM at the rate the houses are being sold and built? Perhaps you can help out with a little more of this information without requiring anyone to sign up for the information? Thanks.


    Lady Mod
    Look again! That is a made up address by Dario and his crew. Can't you see the difference in a real members affiliate page and one of their own? Geesh! Get a real grip on reality!!

    Here check out mine:


    How about my friends?

    Look at the fine print, the thing NO ONE seems to read any more. Don't just glance at the page. Read the contents.

    Now compare that to this one:

    You people need to really start seeing what is in front of your eyes!!!!!
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