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    Zionist's Toadies Outraged At Iranian Comments

    BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany, Russia and Switzerland joined the
    European Union on Friday in a chorus of condemnation of the Iranian president for suggesting the Holocaust might not have taken place and that
    Israel should be moved to Europe.

    The remarks by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, at a news conference in the Saudia Arabian city of Mecca on Thursday, follow his call in October for Israel to be "wiped off the map," which also sparked broad international criticism.

    The German Foreign Ministry said it had summoned Iran's ambassador to protest, and ministry spokesman Martin Jaeger told a news conference this was being done to show how seriously Berlin was taking the comments.

    "When one summons an ambassador, then you signal the start of something in diplomacy, that there are grounds for serious discussion," Jaeger told reporters.

    Iran's official news agency IRNA quoted Ahmadinejad as saying of the Nazi Holocaust "Some European countries insist on saying that Hitler killed millions of innocent Jews in furnaces..."

    "Although we don't accept this claim, if we suppose it is true, our question for the Europeans is: is the killing of innocent Jewish people by Hitler the reason for their support to the occupiers of Jerusalem?" he said.

    "If the Europeans are honest they should give some of their provinces in Europe -- like in Germany, Austria or other countries -- to the Zionists and the Zionists can establish their state in Europe."

    Britain, which currently holds the rotating EU presidency and has played a key role in European attempts to persuade Tehran to give up its nuclear ambitions, said such comments had "no place in civilized political debate."


    "Iran is unique in opposing a resolution to the Arab-Israel dispute based on the principle of two states living side by side in peace and security," Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said in a presidency statement.

    "I urge all states to support that vision, and Iran to cease its support to groups who want to undermine it through violence," Straw said.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry said of Ahmadinejad's comments: "It is difficult to comment on such unacceptable remarks."

    "There are well known historical facts concerning World War Two, including the Holocaust. These facts cannot be revised and this should be understood by everyone," it said in a statement.

    Neutral Switzerland -- which has represented the United States' interests in Iran since the year after the 1979 Islamic revolution -- also condemned the remarks.

    "The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs firmly condemns the remarks ... with regard to the State of Israel," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement issued in the capital Berne.

    "The terms used by the Iranian President are unacceptable ... none of the member states of the
    United Nations is entitled to express positions aiming at denying the existence of another member state of the United Nations," it added.

    U.N. Secretary-General
    Kofi Annan and the United States have also issued strong condemnations of the Iranian remarks.

    German Jewish leaders called for political sanctions against the Islamic republic over Ahmadinejad's remarks. Holocaust denial is a crime in Germany.

    Paul Spiegel, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, said in a statement: "Political instruments ranging from political and economic sanctions to expulsion from the United Nations must finally be seriously looked at and used."

    Michel Friedman, chairman of the German chapter of the international Jewish organization Keren Hayesod, was equally determined. "I call on the government ... to sever diplomatic ties with Iran," Friedman told N24 news television.

    Ahmadinejad's remarks were reminiscent of Libyan leader
    Muammar Gaddafi's proposal in 1990 -- on the eve of a massive exodus of Soviet Jews -- that the Jews be given "an alternative homeland in the Baltic Republics, Alaska, Alsace-Lorraine or on the Volga River. These are Jewish areas, not Palestine."

    "By what right are Jews emigrating from their countries to Palestine? If the Jews are being persecuted in their countries this does not give them the right to persecute other people, namely the Palestinians," he told an Inter-Parliamentary Union conference in Nicosia.


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    Editor's Note: Actually, it would be far more appropriate if they moved all the Zionists to Texas and set up their racist enclave there. I would nominate the area encompassing Midland including the Crawford Ranch for annexation.

    "Could This Be The Future Of The Alamo?"

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    Re: Zionist's Toadies Outraged At Iranian Comments

    You forgot to say "Praise Ala"... Shame shame...

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    Re: Zionist's Toadies Outraged At Iranian Comments

    I, too, am shocked and outraged that these "people" would take offense at the denial of the Holocaust as an official position by a foreign leader. I mean, maybe if it had been seven or eight million I could see it. It is exactly this kind of victim mentality that diminishes us all.
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    Re: Zionist's Toadies Outraged At Iranian Comments

    You know you are in trouble with Switzerland takes sides on something.

    dchristie, what part of the Middle East are you from anyway?

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    Re: Zionist's Toadies Outraged At Iranian Comments

    They want to move an entire nation of people to another place? So this guy suggests that if the holocaust is true (he didn't say it wasn't) and if that's why Europe supports the Jews, why doesn't Europe give up land to the jews?

    I wonder if those that got upset were upset because the question hit a little too close to home? For this they want to kick Iran out of the United Nations? (Well that and they don't want Iran to have nuclear weapons, of course, that got a passing mention.) Did I read this right?


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    Re: Zionist's Toadies Outraged At Iranian Comments

    Didn't you forget the pledge by Irans president to annihilate the Jews? Maybe that is a factor as well. This must be one of the few opinion sites with actual fans of Iranian policies on it. At least, outside of Iran.

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    Re: Zionist's Toadies Outraged At Iranian Comments

    As long as Israel is armed to the teeth and their puppet Goy crusaders occupy Arab lands, there will , inevitably, be an arms race to go "nukular" It's not a matter of if, only when. Russia has already delivered a number of Sunburn Supersonic Cruise Missiles. They may already be armed with nukes. This is to be expected given the destabilizing effect of Israel's nuclear threat.

    It's been reported that JFK was secretly engaged and preoccupied with keeping Israel from getting the bomb and "read the riot act" -"put his foot down" etc..to Ben Gurion. We know what happened to him.
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    Re: Zionist's Toadies Outraged At Iranian Comments


    So it all started when we began "occupying" Arab lands? Because I seem to recall Russia NOT being on our side a LOT during my lifetime.

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    Re: Zionist's Toadies Outraged At Iranian Comments

    UK 'covered up' Israeli nuke deal

    The UK denies knowledge of Israel's nuclear plans

    The government has been accused of covering up the sale of 20 tonnes of heavy water to Israel for its nuclear programme in the early 1950s.

    The BBC's Newsnight says fresh evidence shows the UK knew the ingredient it sold to Norway would be subsequently sold on to Israel for nuclear weapons.

    Government officials insist they knew nothing of Israel's nuclear ambitions or Norway's intentions.

    The Foreign Office has declined to comment, amid calls for an inquiry.


    Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman Sir Menzies Campbell is asking Foreign Secretary Jack Straw for clarification.

    He said: "The trouble with this cover-up is that this is not a cover-up, it simply flies in the face of the known facts, now that we have access to previously classified documents."

    Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn wants the Commons' foreign affairs select committee to investigate.

    We had no idea at that stage, nobody suspected ... that the Israelis hoped to manufacture nuclear weapons

    He said: "Right back to the late 1950s we were a party to the transfer of nuclear technology to Israel.

    "We were party to the development of a nuclear facility in Israel that could and has been used for the manufacture of nuclear weapons. Norway was always a smokescreen."

    (continued here)

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