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    Dont pay for there training fees (they just get the owners rich) carlots are always hiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just go to the library and check out some motivational books and some books on sales and save yourself $589.00 there training wont give you any advantages. Automax doesn't Promise you a job only a chance to interview and you can do that on your own. Car biz is a good job but not for everyone If you cant do it on your own it s not the job for you save yourself some money and dont fall for there scam

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    Take my advise ............. MOVE AWAY FROM THE LIGHT ..... stay away from the car buisness..... once you get SUCKED in you cant get out ........ its one place you can make good money and not have a degree ..... I know Im in the buisness ( service end ) make decent money no degree yet .... been in it for 20years .... :eek: :confused: :eek:

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