That sounds like a plan. The people need to be able to take back the control of this country. We have too many wingnuts at the lead of different political parties that do not truly work for the betterment of America. Too many people allow themselves to be bought and give in to big business. There is so much greed and corruption. It would take many to change all of that. It would take a United America to accomplish this.

There also would need to be something put in place by the American people to ensure that all money flowing into the government is strictly accounted for, and not spent on unnecessary things. I would think because of the size of the debt, it would take many years of fiscal responsibility to overcome the debt. Pay off China first and any other foreign debt so there is no special interests influencing the country.

Reg, you seem to be good with numbers, and have looked at different things before. I haven't looked at this type of thing yet, but what do you think about the debt and how long would it take to get under control if someone were to actually be fiscally responsible ?