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    Any mortgage rate advertised in spam is a scam

    Come on people. Mortgage spams should be deleted or reported to the ISPs involved in sending or hosting of spamvertised mortgage deals.

    This isn't rocket science here.

    Anyone that has filled out one of those blind applications on a web site advertised in a spam should have his head examined.

    The reason there is so much mortgage spam is becuase there are idiots out there that do business with these criminals.

    See http://www.MortgageSpam.com

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    Re: Any mortgage rate advertised in spam is a scam

    Ameriquest Sucks don't trust them! :eek:

    >>-->Ameriquest Sponsor of the American Nightmare
    Ameriquest sucks!!! Americans Against Ameriquest
    Ameriquest Founder Hits SANG in bid for Ambassadorsship :o)
    I'm Posting this for David hit by hurricanes and Ameriquest!!!
    I'm Posting this for Crystal, I hope She and her small family are ok.
    Last September Florida had 3 hurricanes
    My Name Is Lawrence Green
    Lugar's New Math: 9 to 9 = 8 to 2
    When I'm stressed, my therapy is to write poems. This is a poem from Kathleen
    Predatory Mortgage Loan Servicing Open Forum
    Thanks Mindsay
    Eviction escape: Man flees, pig attacks
    Ameriquest Protest count down T- 22-21
    Ameriquest Mortgage Company Aka AMC has withheld insurance proceeds for over 1 y
    Our Hurricane Experience so far
    More reform in Ameriquest case
    Ameriquest ripoff Ameriquest "LAID OFF" 1500 employees today and shut down over
    Ameriquest forced placed insurance x 3 - 1,812.30
    This was just pulled from the rip-off report Mad Ameriquest employees
    This was pulled from the Rip-off Reoport.com
    I Hope everyone Had a Good Thanksgiving.
    Crackdown on Real estate Loan Servicing Fraud
    A Child Hurt By Mortgage Servicing Fraud! >Litton Sucks!<
    Ameriquest Sponsor's President Bush's second inauguration. Golf Race cars
    Mortgage, foreclosure fraud spreads to western Colo, Good ideas here.
    Mayor Agrees to Pay Ameriquest $150 for Gift Basket That Exceeded Ethics Limits
    corporate headquarters for Ameriquest They have security guards posted.
    ABC, NFL Roll With The Stones The Rolling Stones and Ameriquest a to z
    Except for Motherhood and apple pie, nothing is as American as baseball and home
    Outcome: Jury verdict was 1.94 Million Actual damage award; 3 Million punitives.
    Happy Birthday to My son Clayton
    I Like the new Smiley's
    Merry Christmas and Happy Hollidays
    Rolling Stones to Play 2006 Super Bowl Show 2006
    Bankruptcy Bulletin Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 Imposes New Rules for Corporate
    Ocwen Hit With $11.5M Verdict
    Senate passes corporate governance bill
    Mortgage scam leaders to scores of foreclosures
    Mortgage Fraud Fugitive Arrested in Cananda and Returned to U.S.
    Happy Holidays and Thanks to the Great People that run and pay for these great w


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    Re: Any mortgage rate advertised in spam is a scam

    I don't even believe that people READ THIS STUFF!! I get offers to re-finance my home loan and I don't even OWN A DAMN HOUSE! I get offers to enlarge my penis! I'm female! If these were legitimate, reputable companies they would not have to solicit you with aggravating, unwarranted, phone calls and e-mails!

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    Re: Any mortgage rate advertised in spam is a scam


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    Re: Any mortgage rate advertised in spam is a scam

    Interesting point... I checked the site, it was :eek: !!! I didnt had clear the concept of mortgage spam... well thanks for the information...

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