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    Dying lady in Bhagdad..

    I got a letter from a lady in Bhagdad named Han. She said that she was dying and wanted to put me as her next of kin in order for me to inherit a large sum o f money. She said that i would have to use a great portion of the money for charitable causes.

    I don't know if this is a scam or not. After I replied, the bank contacted me!! I am getting nervous to make any other moves with this...

    Has this happened to anyone else?

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    Re: Dying lady in Bhagdad..

    modified version of the 419 scam.

    what part of it sounds like it isn't a scam?
    Do you know anyone in Bhagdad?
    Why would a complete stranger put you as their next of kin?

    Please people. its REALLY easy to know these are scams

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    Re: Dying lady in Bhagdad..

    Well I called the numbers and wrote to the emails on the bottom of the email and they were legit. That makes me wonder...particularly when no one else has had this particular scam happen to them. I work in the public sector where we have the most treacherous firewall ever and somehow, this email came direct! NOW, what do you think?

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    Re: Dying lady in Bhagdad..

    it isn't RARE that a scammer uses real phone numbers. They are usually throw away numbers or Pay as you go CEL Phones, registered to a PO Box/Mail Boxes Etc or UPS Store type of thing, with fake names and of course no verifiable truthful information.

    Check out the 411 scambuster sites, to see the kind of "crap" that these scammers will go through to goad you into believing their scam.

    firewall? What does a firewall have to do with your email? Firewalls are there to protect you from unwanted traffic to your computer ( ie ping attempts, port scans, scans of yoru coputer, sending viruses). It has nothing to do with email

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    Re: Dying lady in Bhagdad..

    Correct. I suppose she means spam filter. Also not a guarantee that some mail gets through. Especially when it's not bulk-mailed, which is often the case with these next of kin scams.
    Dear mulattochick, I recommend to take a sentence from the first letter and google it, using quote marks at beginning and end of sentence.
    Real good chance you will find a lot more of exactly the same letter on the internet.

    If you're not sure then, please publish the letter here (include all names, numbers and the full email headers, see instructions at http://www.haltabuse.org/help/headers/index.shtml ) so we can take a look at it, and show you that it was not sent from Baghdad at all, etcetera.
    Best replace your own name and email address with ****
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