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    Re: Democrats are pessimists and America is on the right tract

    This thread is the perfect example of how the democrats avoid reality and shows us all the technique they use for burying their collective heads in the sand.

    Betamanmn post facts about how strong the American economy is (despite what the democrats and msm would have you believe), facts as reported by democratic senator Joe Lieberman on what is really going on in Iraq and why pulling out would not be the right thing to do, how congress and the senate are wasting the peoples time and money with silly legislation, and the democrats on this forum respond with the following:

    dchristie: Plays grammar police and avoids discussing what was posted

    LadyMod: Chooses to change the subject to Bush's poll numbers (like we all haven't heard about that for the last 3 months) and also has nothing to say about what was posted.

    Rawb: Chose to question Betamanmn's opinion of democrats, rather than opine on any of the facts from his posts. Then felt that talking about past Bush quotes and posting funny pictures of Bush were in order. I suppose to steer things in another direction.

    war_man: All he could talk about was how funny the pictures that Rawb posted were, and take Rawb's "money and Katrina" blurb and run with it. Not surprisingly, he too avoided the subject of the thread.

    Lexx: No offense Lexx, but I don't even try to figure out what you post anymore.

    And one final observation... I'm sure glad that we now have this "Kinder, More Gentle Political Forum...", because if we didn't, I might think this quote from dchristie on this very thread was a personal attack and exactly the thing that I thought would not be tolerated anymore:

    "Not at all. It simply means that I am not interested in wasting time debating political points with some brain-washed f*ck-wit who has the mind of a naive child."



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    Re: Democrats are pessimists and America is on the right tract

    Quote Originally Posted by Grim17
    This thread is the perfect example of how Grim17 avoids reality and shows us all the technique he uses for burying his head in the sand.


    Not to mention that no one appointed him "thread monitor" or sermonizer. And since that is what it has boiled down to, there's no need to keep the thread open any longer. WTG Grim.

    Lady Mod

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